Demise of " The ever smiling …”

    I thought that the time has come for a change in my blog too since there  have been many changes in my life and my thinking and my style of living. So , i decided that now the time has come for the demise of “The ever smiling” and it to be replaced by something else. I Still remember that Chand gave this name to my blog itn first year to suit me…but now i dont write ne posts to suit the title so it has to go… 😦
    The two and half years which i have spent outside home have been a great learning experience specially the last one and half year has changed me quite a lot may be not my behaviour but for sure my thinking and my attitude towards people have changed quite a bit …as far as i think…
    From now on i have decided that i wont be bothering people much.. I have the tendency of considering many  poeple as my very good friends which was not replicated from the other side and i just end up poking up my noses in their matters which they dont like.. so i have decided to limit my circle of friends most of all i need to recognise who my friends are and who need me and who dont care abt me and who would be making faces abt me behind my back when i am trying to talk to them…
    Well i had intended to write more but as one of my friends ordered me that  i wont write much personal on my blog so i think i should stop writing or else i will write something for sure….

PS1:- This sem has started to kill me..
PS2:- I formatted my system completely now my system is working fine but in the process i deleted my graphics assignment..I am doomed!!! 😦


7 thoughts on “Demise of " The ever smiling …”

  1. Everyone of us has changed since we have entered this place..But is it wise on ur part to stop being “the ever smiling” juss bcozz of few people who are not worth ur love and affection??Well I dont think so…

  2. hey u r still the ever smiling ass…baaki sabh gaye bhaad mein
    hmm… neways .. main tujhe kuch nahin bolunga.. tujhe jeene deta hoon…kya naam rakha hai baap …
    dharam style main…
    kutte kamine ye meri life hai mujhe jeene de…

  3. hi Himank,
    Back to ur blog after a long time.well…living away from family brings a lot of changes in evry1 and i think they r for good,u get to underdstand what really life is.Well,its always nice reading ur feelings coz u really think very deep and i love these kinda guys.

  4. @ Karan: Fortunately accidentally had a copy of the assign on ma mirage
    @ Deeps,Prashasti,Chand: Well guys its just too difficult to explain its not that i have stopped smiling and having fun..just that i have changed and its reflected in my last few blog posts (as i feel ) they were not justifying the title(or tag line as u might want to say..) thats wy changed it 🙂
    @ Maruti: Ab shake it baby!!!!
    @ Nidhi: Ur comment made me smile.. 🙂

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