Why is our heart so irrational and so illogical and such a dumb asshole… Why cant we force ourselves to folloe the most logical path but instead we keep on doing sum idiotic and stupid stuffs and such stuff which never does us any good but we do that stuff knowing we are not gonna be happy doing that….

I am not talking about studies and all those matters well they dont come into such deep considerations atleast when the person concerned is me. I am talking about some other stuffs….like when you are not feeling fine and are a bit down then you know that if you go out and spend some time with friends and share a good laugh with will do loads of good to your mood and if instead of doing this you just stay alone and keep sulking. You will keep thinking more about the things which made you feel down and the more you think about them..the more you deeper you bury yourself into the hole dug by yourself of the emotional crap but somehow …. you just cant do what is required of you and instead keep sulking… providing ample source of problems to yourself and to those who are concerned about you… but i guess thats the irony of the mind that you cant do what is correct for you but instead do what just comes to your mind at that point of time…Why?? are we so irrational…

There are many situations like this which a person has to undergo in his life… and we have to brave them somehow while continuing with our lives but its the manner in which we face them make us the kind of person we are..

There has been a question in my mind for many years i will be very grateful to anybody who cares to answer it….

Q: Why is the lather always white..whatever be the colour of the object from which the lather has been produced..u rub a black shampoo in ur hair.colour of lather is white and even if you use a pink coloured shampoo..the lather is always white..Why the hell this is so.i dunno..andi am perplexed..Pls help me out

PS1:- I thankfully found my graphics assginment..i had copied it into my mirage to show it to somebody… 🙂
PS2:- This sem sucks…. 😦
PS3:- I am done with tags..sdont feel like using them now..


6 thoughts on “Irrationality….

  1. Probably people find solace in a little bit of misery, brooding over things.. Its totally against the way I think. I wud just go freak out. But I guess thats the only explanation I can think of other than masochism. 🙂

  2. i think ur blog is degrading post after post .. i am not trying to be offensive but i think you should really write a cool post which will proove me wrong wat say ?? 🙂

  3. Hey Karan…I didnt write that ques to get comments all i wanted was one comment as the answr to it..I didnt do googling coz i didnt thin ki it will give me fruitful answers but if you are saying so..then i am gonna delete all the comments which are related to the answer to that ques…. 🙂

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