Had a chat with two friends of mine and the chat i had with them made me realise somethings and made me to ponder what really friends are…Well obviously its very very difficult to define the word friends
Well if you wanna talk abt good friends then i sure have some very very strange and good experiences with them though being away from them…Well this has happened two or three times that if i am not in a good mood then my friends have been able to somehow capture the state of my mind somehow even after the conventional hi how r u ..and all even though i might have said it in my usual way..i dunno how the ycan guess this but it always startles me and this has happened with me 3 times with 3 diff ppl whom i place on the top of my hierarchy of friends

Then there this other thign happened with another friend of mine..who today made me realise a thing abt me which i had sometimes thought of but never talked abt with anyone…

Well somehow these ppl have got some special powers as far as matter concerns my life…it seems they just somehow can, with some extra-ordinary powers they posses, enter into my life and extract the information they want about me …..and it just feels so good and so different that words cease when you try to define friends like that….and

This is how i will define a friend who is a friend in actual sense someone who can gauge your feelings even when you dont tell them and when you find such ppl…it just feels like there sure is a heaven and you can be there when you are with such ppl…

PS1:- IJCAI….how i hate this word now…. 😦
PS2:- My blogging God posts after eons…Hail the GOD… 🙂
PS3:- Graphics assignment due date on head… 😦
PS4:- Sumanth sir….you have got me an addiction…This ctrl-alt-del is addictive.. 🙂
PS5:- DC fkd…. 🙂 See it to believe it … 😀



10 thoughts on “Friends

  1. yeah even i hav had similar frnds who can guess my mood and my worsts by jus lookin at me and they put it so casually that u dont feel like its big deal but it of course is …
    and there surely exists a heaven because i hav been there 🙂

  2. @ suamnth: Ok no sir from now on.. 🙂
    @ shrikant : cant agree more
    @ karanmaroo: couldnt get complicated part
    @ Abbulugadu : I will try to force them to read my blog.. as i always do 🙂 frnds are so lazy…waise i dont think they will remember the events i am talking abt…
    @ sharat: ass it may seem funny to u..but not to us.. 😦 waise IJCAI=> International Joint COnference of Artificial Intelligence…if i am nt wrong 🙂

  3. Hi ! My first visit here n already feel like blogrolling u. I totally understand what u saying n u’re lucky to have friends like that. Not everybody has friends who can really ‘feel’ them.

    One thing I wanna suggest u about if u don’t mind. U mentioned about certain ‘things’ happening… after all this is a personal blog.. wish u could open up a little more n write those too. Wouldn’t that be good ? 🙂

  4. I would like to differ.You would feel ecstatic when you have some person so closed as you mentioned just now.But you would get soo damn dependent on this person that sometime later if that person doesnt understand your emotions as much as you feel them,you feel so let down as your expectations have hurt you…Its better not to have any such person 😀 no dependencies no simple as that..Chillax n njoi life 🙂

  5. @ Abhijeet : Thanx buddy .. ya i think i am.. 🙂

    @ Genx : Thanx buddy.. about opening up…i have been told many times by my friends not to write too much private stuff on my blog.. which i used to do.. so i have tried to stop doing it..

    @ Deepti : Abt the expectation part..i never expect from my friends that they understand these kinds of feelings(specially who are far far away) coz this is something like supoer human but it feels good if something like that happens..

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