Adieu 2k6 Achtung 2007

Well last post of a very eventful year in my life…This year has sure been a very very different one ..the most trying and the least rewarding in many senses…

I have missed many people who are away from me…. I understood the importance and the value of the family. I used to sort of not give them much importance but this year has taught me that they are there and nothing or nobody can even come closer to them…

I found the passion of my life,that is blogging.., this is the first thing ever in my life which has got me hooke dfor such a long time and foe which i could continue my passion and excitement and interest for a long period of time and it doesnt seem to be dying or depreciating in any sort…

Then,i made friends with a lot of people in this college with whom i had never had a talk and sort of never liked them and the feeling was reciprocated too.. but this span of one year has changed my attitude towards them and vice-versa too.. 🙂

Interacted with a lot of new people when the Ug1 guys came to the college… saw my friends getting into serious shit and then getting out.

This year in the summer holidays i met and talked to my friends from uttarkashi and talked to some of them after a span of 7 years but somehow the warmth was still there when we talked.. 🙂 I rock along with my frnds 🙂 ..

Have had differences with my dear friends and started hating them but then we were also able to sort out the matters and came back to being the best of buddies as we were always…

PS1:- Grades got fkd in 3rd sem 😦
PS2:- Missing home this new year… 😦
PS3:- Am not sure abt the usage of achtung but i hope its correct.. 🙂


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