Ppl i like and dislike

I was tagged by Ankit Garg to write on the topic eons ago (and by eons i mean 3 days).. 🙂 So i am posting on this topic…
Ppl i like…
1) Obviously who care about me..who wouldnt like such people
2) Those who support the weak and dont let them get humiliated
3) Ppl Who tag me and give me the oppurtinity to do what i absoultely love that is write a new post 🙂
4) Ppl who are jolly and who make others laugh…

Ppl i dislike

1) Ppl who show scant respect for women and pass lewd comments
2) Ppl who bad mouth others nehind their back
3) So called Friends who turn to you when they need you but dont reciprocate
4) Ppl who always play loud music and that too with their doors open not caring a bit about their neighbours
5) Ppl who cant live a day without studyiing and then would say that they dont study much.
6) Ppl wh omake fun of others but can’t tolerate one thing directed at them
7) Ppl who sleep off on national hols lik 26th Jan and 15th AUg
8 ) I cant say i would dislike such a person but was really disappointed in a person who was awake at 7:30 on 26th Jan and didnt go for flag hosting

PS1:- One of my shortest one till date
PS2:- Once again i missed 26th Jan flag hosting after last 15th Dec..I am such an asshole
PS3:- Have watched 4 animated films in last 3 days…


6 thoughts on “Ppl i like and dislike

  1. then u surely like me,but then i would b disliking u……but u do possess all the qualities u mentioned in ‘liked’ category,a contradiction!!!!!!

  2. I am feeling bad for not attending the Republic Day function…
    I have the same feelings when it comes to the point number 1(in dislike category),feel lik breaking their neck off …
    4th point, I play loud music quite often(man don’t hate me for this)
    Even u ppl enjoy it sometimes (remember the dance parties in NBH).
    4th point is valid, if one continues to play it even after someone has complained him of loud music.
    Atleast in my floor no one has a problem with loud music (I generally play english songs which I guess is universally accepted lingo)….

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