My Favourite Movies

Two posts in a day.. I guess i am achieving this feat twice or thrice. Its a post which i have been thinking of writing for quite some time but its just that this was suposed to be the day when i will write the post. Just now finished watching ‘ A Walk to Remember’ and i am so weighed down by emotions that i am writing this post just to calm myself down.

I am putting 5 movies in this list of my favourite films. I have not seen many classical english movies so this list might have quite a few of the movies but since this is my list so i can add only the ones i have seen so here goes the exclusive list. Some day in future if i see another great movie i will add it up in the list. The movis are written in the order in which i saw them.

1. Dilwale DUlhania Le Jayenge(DDLJ) – This film needs no introduction to anybody who is Indian. A milestone in the Indian Movie Industry. Until the last news of it, i knew that it had been running for 11 years straight in a movie theatre in Mumbai. A typical Hindi movie with songs,dance. A typical hindi movie with basic storyline of boy meets girl,girl doesnt like him at first but falls in love with him later, then comes the villian of the story, the father of the girl who wants her to be married to the son of his friend living in Punjab. The boy and girl both are NRI’s who have been out of the country since they were born. This film is without doubt the greatest and most succesful movie in Bollywood and among the fav of almost 80% Indian Movie buffs
Year of Release – 1995
Awards – 8 Filmfare Awards and 3 Screen awards (Best Movie,Best Director and Best ACtor award in both award shows)(Zee Cine Awards were not announced then)
Lead Actors – Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher

2. The Legend Of Bhagat Singh – A legendary film about the life and times of one of the greatest Freedom figher of India, Bhagat Singh. This is one film which i can see for any number of times and never get bored infact evrytime i see the movie, a new zeal isinfused in me to do something for the country. This film glorifies Bhagat Singh and his fellow revolutionaries who are always sidelined and Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru take the main stage when it comes to freedom struggle.
Year of Release – 2002
Awards – 2 National, 3 Filmfare, 3 Screen and 4 Zee Cine Awards (Best Actor award in all except Zee Cine)
Lead Actors – Ajay Devgan, Sushant Singh, Amrita Rao

3. Swades – Story of a young scientist who choses to answer the call of his nation. The picture might look like a documentary to some and was rejected as a slow paced movie by some but this was the first movie in which a tear came in my eye. Extremely hear t rendering portrayal of the role of Mohan Bhargava by Shah Rukh Khan which can be said to be the best performance of his life. I have watched this movie 3 times in theater and while living in Kota i was saddened to hear that this movie didnt fare well on the box office and prayed to God that the film should rule the roost.
Year of Release – 2004
Awards – 2 Filmfare, 1 National,2 Screen and 1 Zee Cine Awards
Lead Actors – Shah Rukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, Kishori Balal

Now Come the two English Movies which made it into the list

4. Finding Neverland It is the story of the author J.M. Barrie and his friendship with a family. An emotional movie which can make u cry your heart out. i for my part can say that this was the first movie in which i wept (and by wept i mean wept nothing less).I was asked by my friend to watch the movie and i watched it abt a year after being told to and i rue not having seen it earlier. Not writing much coz i have written a post on the movie which can be found here
Year of Release – 2004
Awards – 1 Oscar and a host of other awards
Lead Actors – Johny Depp, Kate Winslet

5. A Walk to Remember – A movie which makes you realise what true love is and what it can do to a person. A very sweet movie. I was advised few months back by my friends to watch the movie, finally today i saw it after putting it up thinking it would be another emotional one and going for light hearted comedy flicks but there is one thing you can’t deny that the real feeling of watching a movie comes only after watching such movies. 30 minutes into the movie i was thinking that why is the time running so fast i was just so loving the feeling of watching the movie but about the end of the movie i just wanted the movie to get over(not coz it was getting boring) because it was getting too emotional and was getting onto my nerves and iw as having a difficult time controlling my emotions which i actually succeded in doing. Seriously speaking i doubt if there are guys like Landon in this world though i would sure like to be a Lamdon for my someone special.
Year of Release – 2002
Awards – 1 MTV Movie and 2 Teen Choice Awards
Lead Actors – Mandy Moore, Shane West

PS1:- 6 movies in last 4 days..sort of a record . Since i got a laptop i havent seen so many movies(other movie today was prestige another awesome movie with numerous twists and turns)
PS2:- Will have to study tom for the DB quiz on Monday…
PS3:- I would like to thank all my friends who kept telling me that ‘ A walk to remember ‘ is an awesome movie which made me watch it.. 🙂


13 thoughts on “My Favourite Movies

  1. Nice list! BTW, Maratha Mandir is still running Dilwale in Mumbai, a world record.
    2) and 3) were brilliant movies but unfortunately did not meet success in the B.O
    4) was good too… I haven’t seen 5) as yet

  2. Surprisingly , i have seen only the first two movies.
    1st one …obviously an all-time greatest.Liked the second one as well.

    Herez my top five hindi movies :

    1. Masoom (1981)
    2. DDLJ
    3. Jo Jeeta Vahi Sikandar
    4. Andaz Apna Apna
    5. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

  3. Finding Neverland is a nice movie but on the top 5 list – quite a surprise.Johnny Depp is too good to ignore I guess.Walk to Remember rocks.
    If only Hollywood then
    shawshank redemption,schindler’s list,scent of a woman,forrest gump,ET,the departed etc should find special mention too.

  4. i haven’t yet seen your no.1, and i think i m the only onewho hasn’t seen it. But no doubt abt the rest ones. But i very much agree with namrata on her list of some suggested movies.. You’ve got to watch them. and i saw you watching LOTR just few days back. I m astonished to see LOTR missing in you list. (But then everyone has his or her choice.)

  5. @ All: These movies are not in the order inwhich i liked them….they are just in the order in which i watched them

    @Karan : You should watch the movie some day…

    @Pagare: Havent watched Masoom and abt Jane Bhi Do Yaaron would have included it in my list if it wud have been more than 5(and may be more than 3 hindi movies)..i would have decided to write

    @Namrata: Havent seen Schindler’s list,Scent of a woman and Departed . About Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump have seen them but they didnt touch my heart as much as those in this list. and ya i should THANK YOU for asking me to watch A Walk To Remember which i had been postponing till that date

    @ Pankaj: I sure liked LOTR and as a proof of that,watched the whole series in a was awesome but i guess emotional movies touch me more

    @ Danprodle : Thanx 🙂

    @ Maruti: You suck for not liking DDLJ

    @ Abbulu: Ya thats why i said i doubt that there can be any guy like him… 🙂

    @ Summu: Ya there might be and i am still a newbie in terms of English Movies i watched,thats why i wrote that this list is compiled on the basis of movies i saw..

  6. bingo!!!!!
    All r among my favs but few more like tum bin,Jhankar beats….
    Well walk to remember,saaya …these movies really make me belive on love and it seems beautiful ….which is no more than a crap for me in present world contest.
    Well if u can be landon u will definitely get a Jammei…………….

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