Music from Medieval Ages

I hope my readers haven’t start thinking that this is gonna be some boring article on the music culture which was there in 1600’s and 1700’s but i am referring to music of 1960’s and 1970’s which is sort of medieval time for us people living in the 21st century. I think somehow the type of music which is being churned out nowadays isnt the best of the music. All the classic bands in the rock genre are almost dormant now . My favorite ‘NIRVANA’ is gone , i so rue the death of Kurt Cobain, hope he had been alive now. G’n’R too is gonna release an album this year(hope so) but its not the legendary line-up with only AXl Rose remaining of the original ones. Even G’n‘ R and Nirvana are new. Right now i am talking about the likes of Elvis,Bob Dylan and Beatles the three artists(or Band as in the case of Beatles) of yesteryears which have impressed me very much.

I started listening to Elvis Presley sometime in the third semester may be 3-4 months ago. The first time i heard him, it was out of curiosity thinking i should listen to the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ atleast once before dying or else my life would be a waste. So i started to listen to him and the first song of him which i liked was Jailhouse Rock’ a typical Rock and roll song if you would ask me a song which you can enjoy while listening it. Later i started to like other songs in the collection. Slowly slowly i started liking the whole collection of Elvis and realized why he is called the King and one of the most sold music artist till date. As i started listening more and more of him, my choice of the favorite Elvis song also kept changing varying from Jailhouse Rock’,’Teddy Bear’,’Can’t help falling in love’,’Love me Tender’,’Always on my mind’,’Are you lonesome tonight’,’Devil in disguise’ ,’Crying in the Chapel’,’Return to sender’,’Surrender’,’Amazing Grace’,’Wooden Heart’,’Girl of My Best Friend’ and last fav n chronological order or can say current fav is ‘In the Ghetto’ actually almost every song of his has been my favorite some time or other. He is the only artist except Lucky Ali whose entire collection is my favorite and to which i can listen to anytime or any mood. The songs of these two artists are just so awesome … 🙂

Second i tried ‘Beatles’, couldnt hear them much, though i loved some of the songs like ‘Yesterday’(the song which has been covered more than3000 times a guiness world record),‘Yellow Submarine’ (though it seems like a poem for some child but yet a b’ful song) also liked ‘When i am sixty-four’ but bad luck,  when i had just started listening to them, i had to format my computer and lost the Beatles collection and somehow haven’t been able to restore it fully,have something arnd 10 songs of Beatles and yesterday and yellow submarine are not there with me.

Third is Bob Dylan, i have been listening to his song ‘LIKE A ROLLIN STONE’ for the last whole day continuously it is just an awesome song. I couldn’t just stop myself from listening the song , the time i had to spend out of my room without this song then i listened to it on my cell using the ear plugs, this is just awesome. This song has been listed as the No.1 song by the Rolling Stone Magazine.Full list can be found here .

I just have 1 min 36 sec version of this song..and can’t find the full version anywhere…if somebody can download the full song and add it to DC++ or give me some link from where i can download this song. I will be grateful to the person. I think i must have heard the song atleats 100 times today, my windows media player shows 130 times and i must have heard it some 20 times on my cell but of these 25 times were yesterday and by the time i sleep i dunno how many times more i will listen to it. Lets see
I am writing the lyrics of the portion of the song i have

        Once upon a time you dressed so fine
You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didnt you?
People called, say, beware doll, youre bound to fall
You thought they were all kiddin you
You used to make fun about
Everybody that was hangin out
Now you dont talk so loud
Now you dont seem so proud
About having to be scrounge for your next meal.

        How does it feel
How does it feel
To be out on your own
All alone
Like a rolling stone?

I would advise evryone reading this post to give a try to Elvis atleast once and even if not that then atleast listen to ‘LIKE A ROLLING STONE’ and ya you might not like the songs of those years but persist with them coz our tastes have been molded according to the music of present time and it takes some time to get into the mould and start liking the songs…

PS1:- I have been watching quite a lot of movies recently, watched ‘My Sassy Girl’ yesterday, a cute and feel good movie
PS2:- Thinking of watching Schindler’s List today
PS3:- DB quiz today was bloody,damn, fucking boring. I left the last question coz couldn’t persuade myself to attempt it. Such a long paper,it felt as if we were giving the end sem(or atleast the mid sem) actually the time allotted was more than that for mid sems.
PS4:- My blogging frequency is increasing specially after such a dormant period in January coz i went home
PS5:- The song ‘Like a Rolling stone’ inspired (or should i say forced ) me to write this post


9 thoughts on “Music from Medieval Ages

  1. Y Kurt Cobain Y 😦 … i just wish he could be alive 😦 .. by the way i just love the old G’n’R , the new ones sucl … come on how could axel rose sing witout Slash ???

    Talking about Elvis even i liked soem of his songs .. “In the Ghetto” being my fav .. , “yelllow submarine” song simply rox 😛 though it looks like a nursery poem .

    Well i have tried to search for the song “Like a Rolling Stone” .. and the fkin DB test has fried my brain that’s y i was not able to give my best .. maybe tommorow i will try to search for that song 😀 .

    PS: Sassy Girl is really cool 🙂

  2. Have you tried Dire Straits? That band is Godly! It’s not from the 60s alright. But who cares as long as the music is good?

    And hey, Beatles’ “As my guitar gently weeps” is good too, and so is Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane”.

  3. Hi – Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I’m having major musical flashbacks here.
    When I was a kid they played at least one Elvis movie on TV every Sunday.
    My favorite was King Creole.
    And of course every Rolling Stones tune is going through my mind all at once.

  4. @ Maruti: Ya may be my luck will be good toafy and may be u will b able to find the song and ya thank me for introducing you to ELVIS..

    @ Sankalp: Havent heard much of Dire Straits but will do it if u say so..Problem is i can’t find Beatles songs on DC and even if i find them i can’t d/l them may be the users having them are on wired LAN can u tell me any user on wireless having the collection

    @Karan: Ya will listen to them

    @Frances: Well i for my part haven’t seen any of his movies(frankly speaking i never knew he was associated with movies too..were they the movies in whiwch he worked or the movies based on his life or something like that) and ya Namaste from my side too…Do u kno any other hindi words or ur vocab is limited to namaste only!! 🙂

  5. Abe the post is nice but the topic of the post is a little out of place……..I mean common we dont wanna tell our kids that “In the medival times , we used to study in IIIT 😀 “

  6. i got this album “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits”

    01. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – 4:39
    02. Blowin’ in the Wind – 2:49
    03. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – 3:16
    04. It Ain’t Me Babe – 3:37
    05. Like a Rolling Stone – 6:10
    06. Mr. Tambourine Man – 5:29
    07. Subterranean Homesick Blues – 2:21
    08. I Want You – 3:08
    09. Positively 4th Street – 3:56
    10. Just Like a Woman – 4:54

    get it from the user @nks@room;

    have started listening to Elvis .. its good , lets see how’s Bob ….

  7. @ Sankalp: Thanx i downloaded all of them 🙂

    @ Pagare: Not we but our children will be saying these type of things.

    @theanksden: Isure will listen to all these songs…. And i hope you like Elvis… 8)

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