He does it again

Numerous comments, suggestions and criticisms later, he decided that the time was ripe to shut the mouth of the critics who were doubting him and his genius and to give his fans one more reason to be happy. He decide that the time had come for him to again prove the fact to the cricketing world that he is the God and God can’t bear to listen much from the atheists who don’t believe in him. He has come to the rescue of all his devotees who were starting to be beaten in debates about the current form of the Little Master. He has come to prevent his devotees from going astray some weak devotees who had started believing that their God was becoming weaker and had started worshipping some mere moratls and thereby destroying their souls and committing a hineous crime.

Well all i can say is that he has once again silenced all his critics by cracking a bedazzling century of just 76 balls just toying around with a West Indian attacks which seemed to be firing all guns in the last two matches. The ease with which he paced his innings today was awesome. Starting off with singles and doubles which were available easily courtesy a spread out field. As time went on and he spent more and more time on crease, the power, timing and placement in his shots started increasing and the singles and doubles of yore started getting converted into fours.

All this apart, the best part of his inning can be said to be the last over of Indian innings(oh you can count that huge hit out of the park too..but i give it the honour). Sachin required 11 runs from the final over and Dhoni was on strike and any hopes of Sachin getting a century were quite blurred but as a famousquote is there “if Sachin is on the pitch, anything under the Sun is possible”.

Sachin required 11 rums for his 41st century. Dhoni takes a single of the first ball, giving sachin the strike , the target stands at 11 from 5 balls..still quite difficult ain’t it . Sachin takes a double from the next ball.. reducing the target to 9 from 4 balls. Now the bowler strays down the leg for the next ball and the ball is chipped over the infield, but what do we see??? Ball going into the hands of a fielder placed at the boundary but few seconds later you can see that the fielder has spilled the ball and it races towards the boundary. Now the equation stands at 5 from 3 balls. A 6 or a 4 at this point can do the trick, but The God decides to taste the patience of the fans and takes a double on the next ball..revising the target to 3 from 2 balls, still achievable. Next bowl, the bowler strays down the leg side and Indian team is awarded a wide which makes people wishing that somehow this run could be credited to Sachin but alas the rules are rules. Come next ball and Sachin strikes it and courtesy excellent running by Dhoni, Sachin is able to run 2 while it should have been only a single. So it all comes down to the final ball, 1 run reqd of 1 ball. The nation watches with bated breath and hearts thumping like a generator. Finally, Sachin manages to score a single of the last ball and this causes whole crowd to erupt and cheer for their hero and even people in NBH TV Room couldnt help marvelling at the quality of the inning played by the Master.

In the end i would just like to say
“Cricket is our religion
Sachin is our God”


PS1:- Awesome b’day celebrations of Piyush complete with flour being sprinkled on his head which wil take some time to come out.
PS2:- Good day for sponsorships, got positive response wherever we went.


8 thoughts on “He does it again

  1. This is ur 2nd post on God.
    Nd yeah, my faith in God is back now..
    Sorry God for doubting you, if only for a few days.
    God willing, India will win the world cup

  2. Jeete ga bhai Jeetega India Jeetega .. 🙂

    Sachin is awesome dude .. he is the best player i av eva seen in my whole life .. knocks like this show his greatness 🙂 i hope Sachin A.k.A God keeps playin like this Till India wins the world cup 😉

  3. @ Karan : No number of posts is sufficient to describe his greatness in words. After all how can you describe God in a matter of 1 or even 2 posts??? And i forgot to write it in the post but now i should write fk u for not including him in ur W/C squad.
    @ Maruti: Can’t agree more with you.He just rocks
    @Pankaj: The same feelings here.. 🙂

  4. dude…. obviously i am a big fan of sachin as well …….but common mann…..he has lost his touch and royality which he possessed half a decade back.And candidly speaking , Ricky Ponting rules today….he is just invincible as of now.
    But being a sachin fan , i pray that he brings back the legacy to India , and what a swansong that would be!!!!!!

  5. nice post which is laddened all wid the praise of sachin, indeed ur post convey a stern reply to all critics of sachin.
    yeah dats true,Cricket is relegion in India and Sachin is worshipped as God.
    Long live God!!!!

  6. No doubt that Sachin is the God of Cricket world. No one can replace him at any point of time. Sachin’s records will be cricket history till the end of the world.

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