Frustration and Nostalgia

    I am ultra pissed off at the moment, we have 3 assignments to be submitted tomorrow,one theory assignment and one programming assignment on 8th(which i havent even started ) and another theory assignment on 9th. Fourth sem is proving much more than we could even have imagined in my wildest dreams. This is just a disaster. Now it is getting onto my nerves, just feel like running off somewhere. It is so difficult to live happily in such trying conditions. To top it all some professors from whom i had much expectations are just a let down.

Meanwhile here is a poem which i would like to post on my blog.. A very  beautiful poem describing the feelings when you are going apart from someone.
Its in Hindi so  people ignorant of the language might not enjoy it much but am writing my interpretation of the lines in English.

Milan swapn hai virah jagran
( Meeting is a dream going apart is waking up from that dream)
Main anjan disha se aya
( I came from an unknown direction)
Sneh dan pakar harshaya
(Became glad on recieving love)
Aaj virah ki bela mein
( Today,in the moment of departure)
Pranon par chhaya moh avran
(There is a feeling of greed in my heart)
Milan swapn hai virah jagran
( Meeting is a dream going apart is waking up from that dream)

There is another line from the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens on the same theme
“Life is ever made up of so many partings welded together”
I Just loved this line when i read the book.. One of the very few(i now realise that its the only line) of the book which i remember…
Very very good book and i recommend everybody interested in classics to read the book….
Its not that i am nostalgic just rueing the fact that somebody is not in the same city as me. 😦
PS1:- Ultra Pissed
PS2:- Wish this sem could end soon
PS3:- Subject to a condition being fulfilled i might write my first technical post. Lets see what happens.

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5 thoughts on “Frustration and Nostalgia

  1. Well what can I say about frustration.. Felcity, Grafix assignment, ToC quizzes, AI assignment, Algos assn, DB project.. its a fuckin deadly cocktail.
    I hate life!

  2. Nice poetry and it is moving in hindi only….. and what can I say about Great Expectations …Charles Dickens at his best. And you qouted yhe best line of the book. And about this sem… I think everyone of us is suffering from the more or less similar kinda frustation and nostalgia.

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