Bah..Another Ranting

Some questions which have perplexed me for quite some time. Evrybody is bound to have problems sometimes with some people due to some things they do or may be some thing they don’t do which you expect from them. You can get solutions to these problems.. You can stop talking to them, you can start neglecting them or may be the best solution you can try to sort out your problems with them by talking.

What do you do when the person says (s)he considers you a good friend but its always you who has to tick off the conversation… Isnt it bound to frustrate you sometimes or may be frustrate you so much that you just wanna stop talking to anyone and what if the same thing happens with many people…What should you do at these times?? Should you try and pursue people , leave everybody and continue your life or may be search for something wrong with you which could have forced them to stop talking to you… Or may be think of a more reasonable approach and think that they might be busy with their work and just continue with your work(which you dont have coz you are always completely jobless ) . Even if you accept the last solution and leave them to their world then what should you do if you feel the urge to talk to them after all they are your friends and you are supposed to talk to friends. In such situations what to do??? Fuck your self respect and again go to them and start talking to them???

More important and this is A TO BE ANSWERED query.. What to do if you have romantic interest in a person but she wouldnt call you but is very warm when you get a message in reply of a message you sent. Should you call or wait for her to call..if you were the first one to send a message and she replied to yours???

Another situation what to do about a friend who seems to be a very good friend of yours when you are talking to him/her alone but when the person is in some other company you just feel like you are an outsider intruding their privacy, they might be enjoying your company but you might be just feeling outcast with them. Should you stop talking to them when they are in that particular company but then can they be called friends of you or may be to say it in a better way can you call them your friends??? I was thinking of something but am so confused, have no answer..

Another (so called) friends of you who would just befriend you when they are alone and in need of some friend and be quite friendly to you but once they find other people they just start sidelining you to make way for newer and better(??? who can be better than me 8) ) friends. May be once in a blue moon they can come to you and talk to you and exude all the warmth which was there but then you realise that two hours later they just dont give a damn about you. What can you do about such people except hopng that somehow the trust they place on others also gets betrayed in the same manner as yours…

Another category, who just talk to you when in need while in other situations can just do with a simple hi!! and thats all the conversation you have with them..their work or a hi either from your side or yours but all the while trying to show that they are as good friends of you as you can find anywhere. Compared to these type of people i find the people who just come to you in the time of need and are otherwise indifferent to you better, atleast you won’t expect any thing from these people because they are just acquintances.

PS1:- This was not written in bad taste or intended to be humorous so dont laugh and dont get offended.
PS2:- Beatlemania ruling the roost in my music charts. Four songs playing in my playlist have play counts of 80,72,70,72. the songs are I wanna hold your hand,Help,Yesterday and Hey Jude in the order of play count (for the curious).
PS3:- Please don’t blast me if you dont like the post.. after all its my blog ain’t it?? 8)
PS4:- Thanks Halley for writing about the book Q & A in your post..An ultimate page turner. Indian answer to Sidney Sheldon.
PS5:- Happy Birthday Prashasti or may be i should write Prashanti(as some of our professors used to say) or may be Prashasthi(the spelling which vipul gave to her name 8) ) Pls dont kill me PRASHANTI… 😉

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