To be or not To be

A raging question which has been burning in my mind for a few days. Should you change yourselves, your nature, your behaviour.
Should you be ready to change your personality to suit your surroundings??
Should you change yourselves because you sometimes hurt other people by trying to be too friendly???
Should you change yourselves because you cant make out the difference between a good friend and an ok friend???
Should you change yourselves because you sometimes frustrate yourselves by behaving the way you do??

And in doing this should you change the way you are naturally and beacome an artificail and plastic copy of what you are just so that you dont hurt others and in return you save yourself from getting hurt by their reaction. Isnt this life supposed to be lived so that we can live it the way we want to live instead of caring for what the other person would think when you say this or how would she react when i say this.

I dont understand why cant we just live the life with those for whom we care and those who care for us instead of trying to be acceptable to your surrounding. Why do we have to live in the society and comply by the norms of the society and try to change ourselves even when we know that this is gonna hurt us… and you are not gonna live your natural life in those surroundings.
Why is life bound to be so fucking hard to live?? Why can’t it be just a simple and uncomplicate dproblem whose algorithm can be designed in a simple step wihtout beaking it into simpler and smaller problems whose solutions whose solutions we have to find while bearing so many problems.

Why should you talk to a person whom you dont want to coz (s)he is talking to you.


PS1:- Bloody shit
PS2:- Blah blah
PS3:- GO to hell if you are a moron

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