We are Secular!!! Ain’t we???

    Things have been coming and going on in the country of ours but there are few things which can one can be sure that they will never leave our country atleast until there is a major revamp in the mental frmaework of people. There are many things of that type which we never wanted in our country but are forced to have them amongst us. Corruption being one of them but the thing which i would like to talk about is the great communal divide which exists in ur country. Most highlightd one is The HIndu-Muslim Issue. There have been constant riots and they have been going on for years in India without these fanatics realising the need to stop all this.  Sometime acid bottles are thrown in Aligarh or the other time a Hindu house is set to fire in some other city or may be some Muslim house is set on fire because a Hindu idol had been vandalised.

    I dont know why there is such a divide amongst people of India. Why can’t you just live peacefully with a person who doesnt believe in your customs. Just because his customs are different and his festivals are different you can’t just deem him unfit to live with you. I have had severe dislike all my life for such people.

    Since i am a hindu so i could never get what perception the general Muslim people have about Hindus and the problem is not only the illetrate and the fundamentalists but even trhe educated middle class people with whom i generaly interact. In kota, the house in which i used to live i had two guys who were also droppers like me and those two guys used to sicken me.They were always filled with contempt of the Muslim people and the religion. Addressing all the Muslims by the word “mulla”is somewhat ok but the other term which is used referring to a practise in Islam is demeaning.
    I just so much hate the Hindu fundamentalists like Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and VHP who threatened that they wont let PAkistan play in our country isnt this an act of foolishness?? HAve they gone mad. Why are we continuing with the tradition with the Britishers of “Divide and RUle” started by them for their own good so that their rule is extended. Why dont we understand that we people need to unify underone banner and that is INDIA if we want our glorious country to come out of the shadows and again become a Golden Bird. The work which was done by the British gvernment is now being done by the politicians who for their petty gains incite the masses who under their influence start doing such things.

    I dont think that i achieved what i set out to write somehow my thought process has seemed to dry out so i guess i will finish this post right now.

    Just go through this link http://o3.indiatimes.com/onepointoh/archive/2007/01/29/3507314.aspx, read the comments which are posted by the people to see how irrational these type of things are and how people stoop to such low level criticising Gods of other religions and these are all comments on an article which was not even in a remote way related to Hindu-Muslim divide. Reading the comments made me write this one.

PS1:- I just can’t remove the 4 BEATLES songs from being the only ones in my playlist they have been continously playing for last few days and the play count is 122,114,112,114. I want to listen other songs but these 4 songs have cast a spell on me.
PS2:- Recieved a chiding for writing personal posts from somebody. 😦 So for atleast some time none of those atleast i will try to..
PS3:- Was thinking of watching a movie today but ended up writing this and chatting with 2 friends..

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