Most of my friends know about my passion for Lucky Ali’s music. In my school almost all of my friend circle was as passionate abt him as me but here in college i dont find many people sharing the same feelings .. 😦 He is the one artist whose every song i must have heard zillion no of times. Here i am writing the lyrics of the song of his which is amongst my favorites when it comes to Lucky Ali’s songs which automatically makesit amongst the favs of mine. One thing good about most Lucky Ali songs that most of them are not romantic songs and he sings different types of songs which are mostly written by him too and the music is also given by him. Though this is one of my fav song buti never get what he wants to convey by the means of this song. If somebody understands the meaning of the song then please tell me.

So now the lyrics follow

Ek din aisa hua jo ke hona tha
Aaya tera jahan mein main par mujhe na ana tha
Marzi meri nahin thi na hi mera tha khyal
Apne hone pe khud se karta hun main sawal

Behlaya pehle ye chand ne
Suraj ne bhi phir mujhe aise hi lalchaya
Tarey bhi chamak ke so gaye,
Jal jal ke Koi bhi na ye dil behla saka

Dil ye masoom hai par itna bhi nahin
Chand suraj sitare sabhi rehna nahin
Gulshan hain tujhse ye sab par ye tu hai nahin
In sab se main khela magar maine mana ye sanam nahin

Teri hi wafa mein hum aag se khele
Sehra hi paya humne ye dariya cheer ke
Ik teri hi khushi mein hum kahan guzar gaye
Are kaun si dagar hai aur kitne fasle

Teri jagah wahin pe hai na
Jahan pe dil ko khyal behlate hain
Nigahon mein tu hi to hai na
Pukar sun le meri ae jana

Anjane sare yahan inhe kab tak main sahun
Jeene ki khatir dil badlein to main kuch kahun
Sunne ko razi hon to main inke sath rahun
Har ik chamk ke peeche na dauden to main kuch kahun

Ye badle har pal chehra nay
Aiyari mein dekho kaise jhoomta jahan
Darbadar bhatakte yahan wahan
Manzil hai kahin pe aur ye chal diye kahan

Waqt nahin payega tu fat jaegi zameen
Kabhi na kabhi ye samjhega tu mujhko hai yakeen
Sachhai se ankhen phirana teri fitrat hai
Maine to wohi kaha jo kehna maksad hai

Duninya to duniya hai duniya ki keemat nahin
Surat teri achhi hai par seerat hai nahin
Jeen chuapaye bhi jeete hain magar
Insan hai tu khud apni na karta hai kadar

Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena

PS1:- First lyrics post of mine. Two more in the pipeline.. both of them Lucky Ali songs will write their lyrics sometime later.
PS2:- Mid sems from Monday 😦
PS3:- Have to start studying now. GUess this should be my last post before my mid sems end 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Mehboob

  1. As i av already told u that i am a Lucku ali’s Fan … 🙂 i love his songs .. but b4 bcomin ur roomie had listend to only 1 or 2 songs …. and thanx to you .. i have listend to nearly every song he has sung 😉 …

    @Ps3 .. i dont thinks so 😛 ..

    nice going . 4 days … 4 posts 😉

  2. yeah u r write,u better prepare for d mid-sem,rather writing these silly kinda posts…..take it easy!!
    btw, i m also a great fan of lucky Ali,his songs realy rocks and most importantly the lyrics,which r in simple words but make u ponder at once.

    my fav song:”Anjani raho mein tu kya dhondta phire,
    door jisko samjha wo to pas hai tere………”

  3. thts gr8, i tried a lot to find lucky’s lyrics over the web but to no vail, hey freind i just adore lucky n all his fans coz yeah they do hav a class apart, keep it goin buddy after all as lucky says ” aise kaise parvano ki baatein mash-hoor, jaise ye nazrane hai waise ye suroor,, hain yakeen dil mein subah aayegi zaroor, mitega ye andhera hoga har ek shahar mein noor,,,”

  4. meaning of the song:

    The human who has come to this world made by God is asking Him – why is this world temporary and full of illusory enjoyment? Just to find You, I have put everything at stake. Where are You? You are not these things although they are working and alive because of You.

    God replies: All these people who ignore Me and do not know Me, I cannot bear to see them ruin My Kingdom, so they are here, in this world. They are not ready to listen, and not wise. They run after illusions and fantasies, they cannot understand Me. They change their mask every moment, they never remain constant on any one thing. They will not succeed. They run away from the truth and thus they will be treated accordingly. They don’t care about wasting their life doing nonsense.

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