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Few days back we were discussing in OBH mess about some things which can only be the realms of our imagination. So i decided to write them all in a post and make it a tag post tagging others too. So here are a few questions which are going to be answered by me during the course of this post and by the people whom i am gonna tag during the course of their posts..

So here it all starts….

A living person whom I wouldlike to meet – Sachin Tendulkar (NO doubts about it !!! )

A dead person whom I wouldlike to meet – Adolf Hitler ( Just admire the person)

An event in the history I would like to change – If there is one event stopping which English rule over India can be stopped then that event
or else
I would like to prevent Pearl Harbour from happening coz if it would not have happened then USA wouldnt hav jumped into WWII and then Germany, Japan and Italy would have won the war .. SImilarly if Germany wouldnt have atacked the ship Lusitania a vessel which contained more than 100 americans then they could have won the first wiorld war too.. 😦

An event in history I would like to witness – If it can be termed as an event then i would like to witness the golden age of Guptas..

A movie which I would like to witness in real life without being a part of it – Legend of Bhagat Singh or Harry Potter(any part)

A literary character I would like to meet – Sherlock Holmes

I tag

Abhijeet Pagare – Another thing to post on for you
Ankit Garg – repayment time 🙂
Karan Maroo – Try and catch me in terms of post counts..
Maruti Borker – No fattes pls.. 🙂
Namrata Suri – I will sure comment on this one if u write
Pankaj Saini – Write things which normal mortals like us can understand
Prateek G V – I expect another aweosme post like the last one

Since this is a short post by my standards so will add some more… Saw guru on V- Day and didnt like the movie, i know that i must be amongst the very few people who havent liked it but can’t help it.. Specially the speech in the court by Abhishek Bachhan was just crap.. absolute crap…

PS1:- Australia loses a ODI by 10 wickets for the first time in the history… Cheers to NZ
PS2:- Mid sems over assignments start again 😦 Life suxxxx………

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11 thoughts on “Tag Post!!

  1. Strange that you admire Hitler-who was the main cause of so many wars!! Also,why do you want to witness a film like Legend of Bhagat Singh in real life WITHOUT BEING A PART OF IT???

  2. why you want axis powers to win in the ww2.
    had they won at that time we might be the slves of them instead of the british
    do you know that japan attacked china in 1937. why? because japan was wanted to expand its empire and that war was ended only after the surrender of japan in 1945.
    it is because of ww2 that made all of the europe to bind with treatise which force them not to do colonisation and hence we got independence.

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