Golden Bird


I cant find words to describe my feelings after seeing this photo which somebody mailed to me and i couldnt stop myself from putting it on my blog.

I cant think of a time when India was so rich and so glorious and was the Golden Bird of the world. How much has our dear country degraded due to these bloody Englishmen. I am not sure how much that statement about “no thieves or beggars” is correct but there must be some backing fact for a person to include such a statement in his letter to British Parliament.

The final few statements just show the cunningness which the British possessed which helped them make an Empire so huge that “The sun never sat down on the British Empire” and they just succeeded in doing what they set to , they managed to convince Indians that everything which is foreign and English is better than what is Indian. The same feeling which is held by many Indians years after attaining independence which would have made any freedom fighter cry his heart out when (s)he saw it…..

PS1:- India and Dada seem to be hitting good form 🙂
PS2:- Assignments, assignments, assignments when will life stop sucking… 😦

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