Chhoti Chhoti Baatein…

Chasing all those high dreams and thinking about life, we tend to forget about the little moments in life which are the kernel of all the happiness in our lifes which are just hidden away beneath the many layers of artificial smiling and all the sadness which we encounter in our life.
Sometimes we just need to take out those moments from the ruthless library of time and wipe the dirt accumulated on the face of them and again renew them and try to live those moments once again for you, for the contentment of your soul. The world just keeps growing tougher and rougher as you keep growing. Life just doesnt ease off and when we learn to cherish what we had, then only we learn to live the life and then only can we be sure of having an elixir of happiness.

Two days back was sitting with Maruti and both of us started to talk about the stories of our childhood and all the fun we have had in those times and duw to that talk these happy memories have been lingering in my mind for quite a few days so thought of writing them.

That time made me remember about all the fun i ahad with my cousins when we were quite young. I will always remember the times we spent together at our grand parents’ house. Those 3-4 years when i was in classes 3rd-4th to 6th-7th are just memorable.All those images of all of us sitting for lunch and eating from one plate and saying how the ‘arhar ki daal’ resembles shit making my sister to leave the food and giving us immense joy on having deprived her of her lunch, then sometimes playing Dark Room, which i can term as one of the best games i played due to fun and frolic associated with it. I can still remember vividly the pain i experienced when i almost broke my nose playing my WWE with my cousins when my cousin suster threw me down on the bed. This time when i went home and met her for the first time after her marriage we laughed about that fight we had. We just used to have so much of fun. Another time i can remember is when two of my cousins came to our home(along with their parents obviously). We used to go to market (and going to market in Uttarkashi wasnt the same as going to Panjagutta here, it was just a 5 mins walk….advantages of small city) and whenevr we used to see some decent looking aunty(whom we didnt know) we used to wish them leaving them perplexed as to who these kids are.. in those holidays the 4 of us (me,my sister and my two cousin sisters about whom i am talking) had a time of our life.. going to shops seeing all the shoes which could fit our size and then after wasting about an hour of the shopkeeper’s time coming back saying “yahan chhote cities mein variety to milti hi nahin hai “… I know these things can sound idiotic and chidish to other people but thats what we did and these are the things which i cherish and want to do them, just that can’t think of doing them again and enjoying them as much as we used to do them. Can’t just forget those times when the four of us sat about bitching about our parents… how much they force us to study, how much control they keep on us just can’t resist a smile coming to my face when i remember those days. There are innumerable times like this which will remian etched in my memory forever like the time we had in our eldest cousin bhaia’s wedding. We had a blast…it just so much fun.

Dedicated to all my cousins with whom i have loads of fun and have a spent such a great time and specially to you Neha Didi, hope you read this sometime, you are married now and so different and so distant from me but i will just cherish all the fun we had. Luv u didi… 🙂 One thing i need to say ‘ Family is Family’

PS1:- Gotta attend the Dinner hosted by the Dean tomorrow.. he he he 🙂
PS2:- Watched two movies today- “Atlantis” and “Cruel Intentions” both Okayish … 🙂
PS3:- Neha didi, if sometime you read this please write a comment and let me know that you read it but this doesnt mean that only she can comment.. 😉
PS4: – Some details might not be exact coz the passage of time has dwindled my weak memory so don mind.

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