“HELP ” Text to Image renderer

Well this time i am using this platform to ask for help from the people in the blogosphere. I am in a very tricky situation and i am sure all the people in the world with so much technical knowledge and oodles of imagination can sure help us out of this situation.

As many of my friends know that me and my friend Abhilash are thinking of taking a project under Prof. Sangal actually we have already sent him a mail regarding the basic idea which we have and he has even assigned us to a Ph.D student. We only have the basic idea on which we want to design our project but we have not been able to thikn of an area where we can implement the idea which is in our minds. So i turn to you people to help us.

The basic idea which we have in our mind is rendering some data given in text format into images and now we want an area where this thing can be applied intelligently for the benefit of society coz we want to work in “AI for Society”. All thse who couldnt understand what we want to do, i would like to give an example, suppose we have to convert the text data for lab prep of oxygen into images, then we would like to go on as follows

Suppose in the book it is written “Take a test-tube pour some KMnO4 and heat until bubbles start forming and a colourless, odourless gas starts evolving from the tube”
For this – We would first have a test tube wiht its handle in the image then fill it with some liquid and then place a burner under it and light a flame on it to show heating and show some bubbles in the liquid and since the gas being evolved is colourless so nothing can be done to show that.
The image at the bottom is such an example of this kind
I know the time of all you people is very very important to be wasted on the work of people like me but if some of my distinguished seniors can give some thought to this idea then i would be very grateful and if anybody can give me such an idea i sure promise a treat for that person. We are very desperate and need the help from you people. Please please please help us, its tormenting us.. Please please give a thought to this. Any number of minds thinking about this will be better than 2 brains thinking about it and out of those 2 one is mine.. which is always distracetd by other things.

PS1:- Please please please help me.
PS2:- Title inspired by a Beatles Song. Beatles ROkkkkk….
PS3:- Can be termed as my first technical post 🙂 If it can be


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