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Whenever we have assignments we just keep blaming the profs for burdening us with such inhuman load which is equivalent to the load which is burdened on the shoulders of “kolhu ke bail” (now dont ask me to translate it!! The phrase loses its appeal). Well but once the assignments are over, and we people have no other work to do except using out time in killing time and then we whine about how so boring college life is and in one of these moods i was going through blogs,which is my favourite past time activity and i stumbled upon quite a few interesting and strange things

I am writing about two of them here in my blog,one of them concerns the plight of students like us and other one is a very strange piece of information for me
IIT B net ban – When i read about it, not many people had information about it but now the news seems to have spread like fire in the jungle. It seemed strange to me to say the least denying net access to students of a college which are addicted to net and can’t live without it is a very difficult situation to live for the people to live in. I am sure the students of IIT must be cursing their director. A in depth analysis of this step can be read in the blog of Pranav Sir..

BITS Pilani engineer driving a cab – Read this very interesting piece of information. A new service has been introduced in Bombay(i hope i remember correctly it might be delhi too). Its cab service specially meant for ladies and the driving staff also consists of only ladies. The service consists of higly qualified drivers and the blog where i read about this article had the information about the qualification of some of these people and the thing which surprised me the most was an Electronics Engineer from BITS Pilani doing the job, i just couldnt digest the fact. C’mon man whatever you say about job not being small but i just cant expect an Engineering graduate from BITS Working as a taxi driver. Regarding this the words of the blogger come to my mind.. I would just like to meet that lady once and ask her “WHY”???

In the meantime i saw the movie Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. and to say that the movie disappointed me is the least i can say. Cant they have made a movie in which the characters were normal out of the 6(if i remember correctly) pairs only two seemed to be normal. The movie was just a waste and the most funny part was that Abhay Deol and Minisha Lamba were superheroes(!!!). Giving due respect to the creativity of the director but why on world would you like to make ur characters super heroes thats horrible to say the least.. 😦

Song of the Day (Inspired by Maruti 🙂 ) – Bohemian Rhapsody… The song rocks…

PS1:- Attended the party hosted by LTRC today 🙂
PS2:- Blogging after more than a fortnight.. I have become quite lazy these days.
PS3:- Started writing this post 5-6 days back but couldnt come to completing it…
PS4:- I dunno why i wrote the introduction… May be just a reminder that we keep getting assignments.. 😦

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12 thoughts on “A Random Post

  1. Kya zaamana aagaya hai .. the mst frequent blogger ko ARP likhna pad raha hai .. and that too after a gap of 15 days :O ..

    is this the end of the world !!!

    By the way Thanx for givin the ack for the Song of the day thingy 😀 . Good to see ur blog hits reachin 20k 😀

  2. Hey Himank!

    It happens quite a lot. A software engineer who got a Masters’ from IIIT, Hyderabad, turned into an accountant. I know it doesn’t go to the extent of becoming a cab driver, but often people find jobs that are less stressful.

    For me, driving isn’t really stress-free. Whenever I turn the key, I know I’ll have to watch out for the kamikazee suicide bombers out there as well as the Hyderabadi-babu police wala who wants to have some extra cash for his private party.

    The stress increases to twice as much whenever I drive my sister’s car… she always has the fuel gauge at full (mine is usually a quarter since it doesn’t take me long to go from full to quarter), but the car handles like someone’s choking the engine and it’s got a really large turn radius so often at U-turns, I’ve got to do a reverse thanks to the autos parked on the side of the street.

  3. a gud 1…bt dis popular blogger of UG2k5 shudn’t stop bloggin…neways,i do agree vid u on d pt dat Honeymoon Travels Private Ltd was shit.nd i pray dat ar director shudn’t tak ne inspiration frm d dir of IITB.

  4. @ Karan , Pagare : I attended the party to eat the food being given there and other thing can be to hear what our enlightened professors had to tell
    @ Maruti: Koi nahin i will be back with a bang.. Hope so!! 🙂
    @ Manish: I too hope that our director doesnt take inspiration from him
    @ Nitin: Whatever u might say but a driver.. 😮 That will remain strange

  5. Well Honeymoon Travels was a bad flick esp Minnisha and Abhay were such unbeleivable characters.I guess to be succesful in life a degree from a reputed coll is not suffcient these days.

    PS:Do comment on my blog 🙂

  6. Himank,
    I am not sure if the news is correct or not but even if she has done that what is wrong in it?

    a) There is a concept called dignity of labor
    b) She might be nuts about driving

    And anyways what is your problem?

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