GF!!! I want it or not????

This post is dedicated to all frustu and despo guys(Including me!!) n gals too!! who are very eager to get involved in a relation. Each and every guy(since i am a guy so i will be concentrating on guys) of my age with whom i might have any form of interaction have a very strong and burning desire, a girl who he can call as ‘HIS’. The first piece of conversation, i have with my school friends whom i am talking to after much time is whether i have a ‘girlfriend’ or not(after exchanging pleasantries) and the same quesion is also reciprocated by me. Just goes to say how deep in to our hearts this need and feeling has gone…

Sometimes i just can’t comprehend why everybody (ofcourse including me 😉 ) is so desperate to have a relationship. Is it due to the comfort level you think that you will have with the special someone after you have found her/him? It may be also due to the peer pressure faced by the people watching people their age having girlfriends OR it is that after coming to college people start feeling that they have reached the gae where it is imperative to be involved in a relation. Any of the reasons which i have listed here can be countered here and now.. the last two reasons can be just dismissed as rubbish with no logic behind them while the first one seems to be a good and logical one but you can’t be too sure that the person with whom you get involved after sometime you will share the same bonding. Most of the time a guy ad a gal get attracted to each other after looking at the others personality and physical appearances, in such cases how can you be so sure that you will have any level of comfort with such a person. This seems like just a pile of rubbish, i myself was attracted to a girl without talking to her and had decided to pursue her but a comment by my friend made me realise that this was gonna be a futile exercise and i couldnt ever think of having a girlfriend like this… getting attracted to her just by looking at her and then falling for her.

Well ofcourse if you are just interestd in the physcal aspect of the relation then there is no problem in going for a relation this way but the main thing is most of the guys i have interacted with and whom i am trying to represent (hopefully) they dont want a relation just for this purpose. A guy looks for support and strength when he is looking for a girl (physical part can be a by-product which a guy would surely enjoy but…) so this is not the right way for a guy to approach a relation.

I dont know what picture of me will be portrayed by this post of mine. Somebody might think that i am a frustrated despo guy in every sense somebody might think that i am thinking something..but who cares this is my space 🙂

Song of the Day – Tere Sang ek simple si coffee (Zameen), this songs brings back so may fond memories of our school time… 🙂 School rocksss…..

PS1:- Our projetc to be put up in R & D Showcase …Yipee 🙂
PS2:- Graphics end sem exam not being postponed.. 😦
PS3:- My blog hits reaching 20K hope to reach it by tomight or tom.. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “GF!!! I want it or not????

  1. cool one dude gives me a feeling that u r back with a bang
    and i think most of what u have written is true and practical
    keep dreaming, keep blogging 😉

  2. I think it’s just coz most of us don’t have girl frnds that’s why this feeling creeps in……. trust me more than halves of so-called hooked up people ( i mean couples)…. wud luv to be single again……… it’s really hard in times like this to get a girl or boy (for girls)…. whom they can trust…… I don’t want to discourage anyone but just for the sake of having a relation can land anyone of us in deep trenches……and no one wants to cherish such bad memories in their lives……… but again I’ll say… ” there’s always hope”……….. keep ur senses awake…………… and i guess u’ll find smone……….. and also remember……that you can also be among those who are being luked at by others………. so be….. active and alive……………..

  3. This topic can never get old!!Go in for a relationship only if you feel like having one not because of peer pressure or any other reason.Also if you like a person and the person doesnt reciprocate it doesnt mean somethings wrong with the person or you.Its just that the relation you want is not probable at that time and with that person.You could still be friends.If the person doesnt love you back maybe it was never meant to be.
    Gosh..I am sounding so philo.Life is a lot more fun without all these complications.So have a chill pill!!
    PS:it was a nice post btw.

  4. Man! Get a life. What the f*** is this?

    Write about anything.. about the stench that emanates from your dirty socks. But please, don’t torture people who mistakenly stumble upon this blog of yours.

    I’ve changed my blogroll bookmark’s url to exclude your posts from now on.

  5. @ Shrikant: Well thanx man… And be sure i will continue to dream and write

    @ Mohit: If its so then i guess i was able to convey my feelings as i wanted to..

    @ Pankaj: Well me too have seen many couples regretting getting into a relation and this was also one of the reason which made me think on these lines…

    @ Namrata: Ya thats right… this topic cant ever get old.. 🙂 I sure agree with your thoughts.. and ya thanx for the compliment

    @ Sankalp: Hey man… whatever you think of my posts wont deter me from writing what i feel like… Seriously speaking one reader less wont affect me much but not writing what i feel would sure affect me…. And some people liked the post too.. so i guess i can keep writing posts for them… 🙂 Frankly speaking i dont give much weightage to such a comment coz it is based on whims of someone..if you would have given some reason or explanation then i could have given it a thought.. but as of now its just crap..

  6. I like your posts. They are very clean hearted.
    I read some of the comments and yes you are right don’t stop writing what you feel. Very few people have guts to share with all, what they feel.
    Yeah, Keep thinking and Keep Introspecting ….

  7. Dude.. not one more post on this. Anyways, i guess u noe my opinion on this…
    I feel that the ‘sharing’ aspect’s very important in this.. guys open out much more easily with gals… Besides this age makes it natural for us to have such feelings towards the haughtier sex.
    PS: For the love of God, correct your typos before posting… there are far too many in this one.

  8. Hmm … nice post .. i think u are back to ur form .. and please continue writin what u want to .. dont care abt sickos 😀 .. .

    congrats for 20k 😀

  9. I somehow get the feel that you have already written a post on the similar topic.I appreciate your candidness in presenting things as they actually are..

  10. oye.. as this post is seemingly all bout “girlfriends” or lack of them, why did you involve girls (“n gals too!!!”)… 😕
    btw, though it sounds hard to believe but I too don’t have a girlfriend AND I am a frustoo (though not a despo) BUT you don’t see me strutting around looking for “girlfriends” do you?
    it may seem hard to digest right now, but nothing beats the “single” status…
    /* since everyone’s doing it.. I’ll do it as well…
    today’s song of the day is:
    The Scientist by ColdPlay */

  11. Well,I blv dat u shudn’t stop writin vt u think just coz of d sak of som oder ppl.It’ s ur spce n ur life as well(“Yeh meri life hai”).
    getting mor views z not imp bt expressin vt u think.neways,it wz a gud post dedicated to all the despos or frustoos.

  12. “being in a relationship is good ….
    but being single is best ….” – thts wht i have heard

    still ppl like to learn from their mistakes , not other’s ..
    so, go ahead, do one ..

  13. kudos to u Himanki…
    u represented us quite well in ur post,but i don think neone of us wud like to get involved in such relation for nex couple of years at dis place unless u rele had a very blank history.

  14. gud post..but too boring..i even thought of hvin one(gf) but looking at those hooked up ones i drpped the idea…
    1. you’l b bankrupt after hvin one.
    2. after sometime you would hv a felling of insecurity…
    3. you’ll start doubting on each other..
    4. you would eventually breakup…
    5. question arises..”Why did i made such a big mistake”..
    6. after’ll becom frustu again…

  15. @ gi-jones : :p

    @ Devansh : Don worry.. i wont stop thinkin and writing.. 🙂

    @ Karan: Next time i will try to minimise typos ..

    @ Maruti : Thanx.. 🙂

    @ Deepti : Is is so??? I don rmr writing such a post… may be in some older post same thoughts might have been reflected after all both are written by same person

    @ rorschach : Well in the starting i thought of being politically correct so that my female readers dont feel left out but later on i got blown away in emoions so neglected the other gender..

    @ Manish: Well thanx for the support

    @ @nks: Well ya trying and failing is better than not trying and repenting the whole life..

    @ Yogesh: Why do u think that none of us would like to get involved in such a relation 😮

    @ Abhijeet : 🙂

    @ Prashant (Mathur) : Ur comment seems to have been lifted up from some forwarded message but actually it is correct aaand from now on include ur name mathur its vry difficult no one recognises u by the name Prashant

  16. well these views are pretty much the same we shared on the ‘spontaneous’ night 😀
    tho i believe u can come up with a better post on this…

  17. Well, as for me, am one ‘non-single’ guy now. And since so so many years I’ve been falling for so many beautiful girls, but whats the point if you can barely express yourself in front of her, or she barely cares who you are and what you feel.

    Instead, you enjoy the relation the most when she is your best friend and you are her best friend too. And well, there is no ‘right time’ for it, you can’t press a button and decide that you want a relation, you just fall into one when it comes to you, and there is no other choice then.

    Agreed, a lot of couples are sad and frustu with their relation, but aren’t some single people also sad and frustu. I think being single or being in a relationship has no relation with your being happy, it only depends upon what your present reality is based upon, is it truth and deep friendship or just camouflage.

  18. i thought similar like you ..even i have written a post on love and relationships on my blog .I am quite agreed that falling into relationship just by getting attracted by personality may give you some fun but overall it will be painful for you .So if you want like minded peoples you can use internet because its media using which you can give enugh time to exchange thoughts .thats why i feel online relationships (which turn into real time) are much more successful than normal relationships.

  19. after reading this post … I m recollecting the talk we had near the “banyan tree” I hope you remember ….
    newayz you know what I have to say …

  20. hmm…i read it…v well written…
    ul b happy as long as u r single n have ur best frnds along…
    one day it has to happen nyhow…n by thn ul hit upon d perfct one for sure…

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