Few lines from the song Maut which just so well portray the feeling of death….
Jeena to maut na jaane kab aayega
Kise bulaake yeh kise le jaayega

Maut, sirf raahein badal jaate hai
Maut, naye daur khul jaate hai
Maut, lena dena tab pata chalta hai
Maut, kamaai ka hajara milta hai
Bekhabar hai, sawaal yeh nishaan hai

Maut, kaise ban gayi majboori hai yeh
Maut, lamhe ruk jaate jab yeh aati
Maut, saanson ko baahon mein leke jaati

Jeena toofaani hai, baaqi sab bayaani hai
Jhooth leke jaati hai zindagi
Mera bulaava hai, yeh zindagi ka daava hai
Mujhe bulaaye yeh tujhe bhi bulaaye
Banke hawa muskuraaye
Meri maut, teri maut, iski uski sab ki bas

    Just how unexpectedly death comes… You can never predict whether you ae going to see the same individual the next day with whom you are talking at the instant. In last 15 days i have come to know of prematurely death of two people whom i didnt know much but even then the death of a young person sure is a tragedy and most of all the effect it would have had on their parents. Now i just feel like i should start living for the day today.. Kya pata “Kal Ho Na Ho”!!!  but just cant think of myself being dead at this age not that i fear being dead that much but the main fear i have is what will happen to my family and friends when i was so much moved by the death of a person whom i hardly knew. Some 15 days back a very distant cousin of mine expired and though i had never had a chance to meet him or talk to him as far as i remember though my mother told me that i have met him many times when i was very young but i have no idea who he was and how he looked but the news of his demise disturbed me for 2-3 days and i just cant imagine what would happen if someone really close to me dies. The main problem i was suffering at that time was that some how the thought of death of one of my very neaar and dear cousin was crossing my mind almost constantly i just couldnt get my mind of it. Thankfully i havent faced the death of any of my relative(barring the death of my maternal grand father but i was very young back then so no remembrances or memory of him for me) or friend as of now and my mind shudders at the thought of such a tragedy and i just wish that i dont have to face such a thing but alas this can’t be, death is a truth of our life which we have to face and just can’t run away from it.
    Two days back i came to know of death of another person whom i didnt know much but had senn her and talked to her a bit during felicity. Actually she was a girl named Ruchika from NIFT who came to our college and won the solo dancing event. She had also partcipated in Mr & Ms. Felicity and i was there during her interview round and few of my friends who interacted with her told me that she was a sweet person and not a typical NIFTian. Just pains my heart to see someone so young dying.
    If i would be given a death wish i would wish that my friends should come to know of my death when i die.. When i had a near death experience abt which i have written earlier, i was thinking that what would my friends think of me, they will think that i have deserted them and the friends which i had for life will nevr think abt me again. There will be no problem with family coz they will come to know about me but most of my friends will never come to know about me and my death… that was really a very horrific experience. I just want God to tell me one month in advance when i am going to die so that i can do what i want, i can tell people how important they are to me. thank severla people for what they have done to me.. Hey god if you are anywhere and are thiking of calling me to you sometime soon then please grant me this death wish and tell me one month in advance. Even villians grant one last wish before death and you are the all good and powerful God…..

    I just pray for the two people may God bless their souls and give strength to their families.

Song of the day – : Maut by Lucky Ali from Kaante

PS1:- Not in a mood to write any Ps..

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9 thoughts on “Maut

  1. i had very similar and much more intense feelings than you when i heard of death of my very close cousin a few months back she was just 10 ….
    i couldnt accept it , it was all of a sudden ,how can god be so cruel ??? i didnt sleep that night n was cursing god for that.

    n i realized only then that we should live for the moment and never miss a chance of saying what we have in our hearts for our near and dear ones and u know what i take this opportunity to say that you a hell of a good person ,god bless you and i love your posts
    keep blogging dude .

  2. I was shocked to hear abt ruchika’s death .
    I had the same feelings when my maternal grand-father died .. I was shatterd .. i wasnt able to concentrate on anythin those days …. Even i have a death wish … I wish i could die before anybody close to me dies … i know i am being selfish but i dont want to loose anybody close to me 😦 . I wud like to sign off by writin these lines :-
    Sing with me, sing for the year

    Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear

    Sing with me,just for today

    Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

  3. I guess you are correct pal . Life is a bitch , it is to ditch you , but yet it is a wonderful thing . And yeah the best thing is to convey all your feelings to everyone and do whatever you want to rather than waiting for tomorrow. Do whatever you want to do for your loved ones . make them feel special , keeping things in heart don’t help much . Live life in a way that you leave sweet memories all around you !!!!!!

    God bless the 3 souls (need i mention the 3rd one…….i don’t think so…..neither should you).

  4. Hi

    This post really nudged my mind. I feel regularly about the attacks of death. My father and my mother died before my eyes. They were cancer patients. They got very painful death.

    I have tried to reduce their pain. But cancer is symbol of death.

    No one escape from death. But I pray god “Please don’t give a painful death”.

  5. thats completely true man…..i had a similar horifying experience abt 10 yrs back when one of my very close cousins died in an accident. At the time of his death he was 22 and we were all eagerly waiting for her marriage that nayi bhabhi aaegi aur hum unke saath khoob maje karenge and all stuff like that ( u must be knowing naa how children acts to such thougths) but everything shattered one day when the accident took place. He was such a jovial person that i thaink he’ll stay in my heart for ever……… but life is to move on
    I too have a death wish 2 make that God please kill me just in an instant because i feel its worst to have a dardanaak maut (tadap tadap ke) like in an accident and when i am dying plz let me be with my family and friends so that i can bid a goodbye to all the people who are important in my life. who made my life a worth living and last but not the least who gave me so much love and affection that made me live comfortably with all the hardships, the sufferings,pain , disappointments and so on………..
    thanx alot 4 choosing such a topic which helped me to make a death wish which if fulfilled will be the greatest gift i could get in by life…………………………….

  6. They say, the only truth about life is “Death”.
    Death, is as unpredictable as is fundamentally true.
    When I was in my 12th class, I came to know about deaths of two of my close relatives, my paternal grandmother(daadi) and my maternal uncle(mama) (in a span of two months). Though none of them died in front of my eyes, I witnessed the death ceremony of my daadi, since she lived in my house in those days. Early that same year, the principle of my school also died. The death of my principle was the first news of death of someone I knew.
    Though I was disturbed about their death, I was more disturbed about the people who were more closely related t o them, my father(for my daadi) and my mother (for maama)…
    This post forced me to recall those gloomy days… anyways, well written… keep blogging

  7. Its rele terrible when u confront sudden death of a person who’s been so dynamic n youthful,the death of d NIFT’n girl was a pure disbelief.

  8. Hmm.. intense post…I never saw a person dying until last year when I saw my grandpa died before my very eyes and we were being so helpless to prevent him from dying.At that point,I blamed God for taking him away from me.I used to get similar thoughts as to what would happen to me if each and every person whom I love the most dies before my eyes..Man!!! It brings chills all over my body if I ever think abt it…
    But as everybody said earlier,why wait till tomorrow to tell a person how important he is when today is in your hands!!! I have written a post on this

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