Kumble: The Unsung hero


A Picture that says all that needs to be told about the grit of this guy

One of the stalwarts of Indian Cricket has bid his adieu to One Day International Cricket and somehow i feel that this cricketer who has never got the due he deserved again is not getting the type of acknowledgement he deserved at this time but the type of cricketer he has portrayed himself during all those years he has played for the country … He is never gonna complain he will just bear the brunt with smile and look of determination on his face.

All these years i have seen him play for India, he has portrayed himself as one of the most dedicated player on the field.. Agreed you can put a finger on his fielding but you cant wont say it was coz of him not wanting to field better.. There have been many occassions when Kumble dived and ball went below him it was just that he was not fleet footed as some of the others..

Two most memorable incidents about Kumble which no one who has followed Indian Cricket over the years can forget are The 10 wickets in Second Inning of Test At Firozshah Kotla against Pakistan and the match against WI in WI when he bowled with a broken jaw, the memory of him bowling with a bandage covering the broken jaw just speaks tonnes about the determination of that guy.

He has always been the work horse for Indian Team. Before 2003 WC when he used to be the strike bowler for India Captains always used to turn to him in the first 15 overs when the Indian pacers were being slogged and more often than not he succeeded in putting breaks to the scoring and cracking a wicket or two.

The tragedy with him is that nobody accepted him as a good bowler when finally he overtook Kapil Dev and became India’s leading wicket taker then people started to recognize the guy and praises started being showered on him, till then he was many times ridiculed as being a medium pacer and not a spinner.

I just wish for him that history remembers him as a great bowler and one of the greatest spinners in the game, if Warne and Murali can be considered as that then he also deserves to be somewhere near them.

I will miss that serious and calm face in the Indian One day team (whose presence had already diminished). I will miss the assurance given by Kumble whenever he used to come to the pitch to bowl. Whatever be the situation of India in the match.. whenevr Kumble came to bowl we used to just feel that he will do something now.

Song of the Day – Confessions of a Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan from A Little More Personal

PS1:- Amidst all the tensions about the recent violence and approaching exams i am happy about something which i can’t write.. 🙂
PS2:- Read the article written by Srinath about Kumble here
PS3:- I wish the Hutch ppl activate my free sms again.. I feel crippled without free sms…

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3 thoughts on “Kumble: The Unsung hero

  1. truly agreed…. but I think he will get his deserved attention……… when he retires from test version too…… I think his kind of bowler suits well to the test cricket in today’s scenario…….but none the less team India will definitely miss their weapon………..

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