Of Telugu songs and frustration in 4th sem

    I am quite frustrated right now… We have our grpahics lab test tomorrow from 9 am and i just dont feel like studying anything… This sem has been such a hectic one for us that i just cant bear the thought of studying any thing more now… And after that when you see the marks you have got you just feel like renouncing the study and going somewhere else(but not Mussorie 🙂 ). I am just sick of this sem… 😦 God save me…

    For the last 2-3 days i have been listening to the song Appudo Ippudo from the movie Bomarillu, such a beautiful song… doesnt matter that i dont understand even a line in the song but its just a b’ful song and i have been listening to the song all day. The other song i have been listening to is Sa Ri Ga Me from Boys, started listening it coz its sung by my fav singer Lucky Ali and now i am loving the song. Actually i used to listen to cheliya cheliya too a song sung by KKa nd a few others but these 2 songs have become addiction.
    Saw the video of Appudo Ippudo and it looks such a feel good video and now i desperately want to see Bomarillu somebody please tell me any site where i can find the subtitles of telugu movies….

    Now i will sign off coz we had decided that after doing bc till 10:30 we will start studying coz unfortunately exams are on our head… This post has been written in state of utter frustration please forgive me for boring you.

PS1:- Please tell me a site to download telugu movies subtitles.
PS2:- GOD save me… this sem is gonna kill me
PS3:- Finally we are nearing the end of the sem. 🙂 thats the only respite at this point of time.

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8 thoughts on “Of Telugu songs and frustration in 4th sem

  1. 😀
    When I was in first year, I bought “Boys” cassette since I did not have computer that time. Its songs are really good 😀
    I just have 3 exams in which 1 is PCO other is HSSM, but still feeling like ,why exams ??????

  2. @Manan: Thanx for the subtitles…
    @ Devansh: You are lucky only 3… 🙂
    @ Maroo : They are forced to listen to them and i to the chagrin of some ppl have been making them listen these songs for past few days.. 🙂
    @ Sowmya: Thats what i was trying to find :p
    @ Abhijeet : I am not asking for ur forgiveness… 🙂

  3. Yeah, music can sometimes be so attractively distracting. If you’re still that die-hard music lover, you can check out http://www.hummaa.com/index.php for all your music needs. It has a wonderful collection of songs and a facilities for playlists too.

    PS: All the best for any upcoming exams. 🙂

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