First things first.. Bomarillu rocks… 🙂 This was the first Telugu movie i saw and it rocked… Seriously man it rocked…i havnt enjoyed a movie so much for eons. A fultoo entertainer you cant just ask for more.
I was just sitting in my bed watching the movie, laughing out like a mad man, clapping at the scenes and rolling ain my bed after pausing the movie. I would like to place the movie alongside Munabhai on entertainment value… A decent looking actor, a very very very cute actress, amazing script, awesome comic timing, good songs what more is there to look for in a movie. Though i was crippledby understanding after reading the subtitles.

Since many a key strokes must have been utilised to write about the movie…so i am just giving my two bits about the movie….
One thing so great about the movie is the songs of the movie and the picturisation of the songs.. u just fall in love with the songs. I had been listening to the song ‘Appudo Ippudo’ before watching the movie and just loved the song and the video too rocks…In the process of Watching the movie i liked two songs one is “We have a Romeo” which as one of my friends suggested that the song suits me… and the other one is “Lal Darwaza”aka “Love makes life beautiful”, picturisation of both of them is great… I liked the concept of the song Lal Darwaza, youth and elder ppl in a war of words…
All in all its a movie to watch.. I am sure all the telugu speaking and understanding ppl must have watched it.. but if u havent watched it then go and watch it and if u dont understand telugu then download the subtitles from me and then watch the movie it is not a movie which u shud give a miss… and specially u, Pagare….

Last two posts have made my blog look like what our dear and respected Prof. Govindrajulu would call “ANDHRA STUFF” but i have no qualms about it… Kyun Pagare???

Heard that this movie is being remade in hindi but dont think the movie will be able to recreate the magic of this one. Whatdya say???

PS1:- Somebody teach me telugu pls….
PS2:- Pots have been placed on the mud embankment in front of NBH and region around it… Can somebody tell me why!!!
PS3:- Algo paper over, 4 remaining now and i should be studying now but i am chatting and blogging now..

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84 thoughts on “Bomarillu

  1. One more tp for you!! now that u’ve started watching telugu movies, try boys, badri etc.. not that i watch them.. its my sister who keeps chkin them out 😀

  2. Better take suggestions from some die-hard telugu movie fan . There are some extremely bad horrible telugu films on LAN .. even by accident if you watch those .. Your view on telugu cinema will change diametrically 😀 .

    Try ” Pokiri ” 🙂 .

  3. Good thing u saw Bommarillu – its a great movie.Do check out Pokiri (as suggested above),Boys,Gharshana(this one is seriously different),Khushi(the hindi remake was unnecesary – this one rocks) and there are loads of others too.Nice post!Nice to see that you listen to telugu songs too.

  4. hey..
    even i love telugu movies..n d same ones…evn d songs..awesome na…n siddhu is simply grrrr888..
    ive been searchin for bommarillu n boys subtitles…d movie was easily undstndable though…bt still…cud u plzzz mail thm to me…

  5. Bommarillu is seriously a very well made movie…You infact can check some more movies like NVNV,nuvvu naaku nachav,manmadhudu etc..
    @halley: There are some equally bad movies in Hindi too !!

  6. i also watched it … wonderful movie … i even cried at the dialog in the end “one fine day i even scolded my mother …” this was the second moment in my entire life i cried while watching a “MOVIE”(first one was SHOLAY) … i think i shud watch some telugu movies instead of watching bollywood crap … Bomarillu SIMPLY ROCKS … thanks for the post, it was the inspiration for watching the movie …

  7. Am late in replying to the comment but am doing now.. 😛

    @ karan : heeded to ur suggestion watched Boys
    @ Halley: Ya that i will do will watch only good movies .. but Somehow dont feel like watching pokiri for a few reasons
    a) its 3 cd’s .. ..
    b) Watched a scene of the movie in batch trip where vegetable s were flying like things do in Matrix and that didnt leave a good impression
    May be some fine day…
    @ Namrata : 🙂 Abt telugu songs there are bound to be good songs evrywhere so why shudnt i listen to them
    @ Shrikant : Well lets see but the prequisite of subtitles is a big factor
    @ Abhijeet : He he he 🙂
    @ Shamit n Megha : Hopeu are satisfied with the subs
    @ Deepti : Cant agree more that there are pathetic movies in Hindi too…
    @ Aditya : Thank you for seeking blessings for me
    @ Kulbir : I am happy that courtesy my post you watched the movie… 🙂 My tribute to the movie.. .:)

    @ All: Once again bomarillu ROCKS……

  8. Bommarillu is undoubtedly the best movie in 2006 from telugu film industry …. i have watched it over 15 times already and never got bored …… even my non- telugu friends watched it … i’d like to have subs for BOYS …. can u mail them 🙂

    bahut thanks rahega …. or u can suggest a site from where i can download telugu movie subtitles

  9. bomarillu is my 2nd telugu movie ( 1st was boys), its simply superb. within 24 hrs i am watching this movie 3rd time even though i dont understand a single word of telugu.

  10. Boys was a tamil movie, which was remade into telugu. Check the songs it is AR rahman. Bomarillu were the same actors who act in this movie. This movie rocks

  11. haha i’m friends with many south indians (and i love siddharth), and so i watched ‘bommarillu’ just the other day, my first telugu movie, and ohmigod it was just as u said, sooo soooo amazing!! every aspect of the movie was perfect! genelia and siddharth are both superb, and gorgeous ;] i’ve watched it sooo many times in the past few days that i’ve even picked up telugu words, altho i speak hindi. haha if u speak telugu, u’ll know what i mean when i say: ‘bommarillu movie chala chala bhawandi!!’ =]

    this is a great little review on the movie! thanks

  12. btw ‘bommarillu’ can be watched in really good quality, with english subtitles at just go to movies, then index, and click on the ‘bommarillu’ version that has 159 votes, and u’ll find it there!! =]

  13. btw ‘bommarillu’ can be watched in really good quality, with english subtitles at just go to movies, then index, and click on the ‘bommarillu’ version that has 159 votes, and u’ll find it there!! =] hope this helps!

  14. dude did watch these two movies AITHE and ANUKOKUNDA OKA ROJU(AWESOME MOVIES).
    if u hvent watched these u hve missed out two wonderfully made movies.
    these two movies rock……these r must watch movies.
    These two movies r on par with hollywood movies.
    A must watch or those who hvnt watched.

  15. sir i am a die hard bomilliru fan tooo. but i recently downloaded a telugu movie
    “Happy” was wondering if u knew where i would find subtitles 4 them

  16. try for subtitles.

    Can anybody just tell me what bommarillu means in english?

    I watched the movie with subtitles and enjoyed a lot..

  17. yes …..mee too another telegu movie fanatic born from the same bomarillu and this lack of subtiles is just frustrating me ……i’ve subtitles of happy and bomarillu just mail me if anyone wants it for the rest i’m searching desparately…..

  18. i thought i m the only hindi speaking guy crazy abt BOMMARILLU…..but I can see there are already many….
    seriusly….this is the best movie I have ever seen,,,

    I hv watched this movie atleast 50 times in a month….m still loving it and watching it….

    I hope Bollywood will also make such a beautiful movie 1 day….

    this movie deserves 10 stars out of 5……
    It’s perfect….flaeless

  19. Ya,BOMARILLU really ROCKS.I was a gr8 fan of siddharth since watching RDB.This one is really super.What attracted me more was”Hasini”.I h’ve also become a gr8 fan of her. Would any body like to take d pain of sending me English subtitles of some good telegu movies???
    My mail id is

  20. I loved NVNV but i could not find the third part with subtitles. I would love to watch more siddharth films however i only know hindi so i would enjoy them with subtitles… if you could please send me bommarillu or any of his other ones with subtitles i would greatly appreciate it.

    My email is :


  21. I suggest you guys should watch Pokiri too.Although not better than Bommarillu,It is defenitely one of the best action movies around.
    For the subtitles,try

  22. ya bomarillu rocks..

    i have seen quite a many telugu films, but this was the very best of the can go for HAPPY,BOYS(same stars),POKIRI,ARYA,NVNV.
    as for the song Appudo Ippudu it has been sang by Siddharth himself.Wonderful!! By the way he also writes screenplay for he began his career with Maniratnam with screenplays, after his MBA from S.P.jain institute,mumbai…. u see he is quite a lot.

    as for genelia..i have to say for her acting in the film..simply OUTSTANDING..

  23. can i get the movie with subtitles from you?
    i’ve been looking for a few days now, and i found one, BUT the subtitles don’t match the sound, come wayyy too later. PLEASE help me out!

  24. Never tot bommarillu wud be a topic for discussion of such high intensity. The movie is gud, alrite but there are may more movies which are lil old but never fade from the memories of the telugu movie goers. I can’t list them here but nevertheless one movie which recommend u is Pokiri even though u said u r not so interestd. Herd this movi is being made in Hindi with salman and ayesha.

  25. ohhh…really Bomarillu rocks….i must say it…..i have watched Boys,Arya….and so so….but the best I found is BOMARILLU…..but now I am dying for subtitles of HAPPY DAYS and HAPPY….Plz yaar do send me…..plz….I can’t download them due to goddamn college firewall….plzzzzzzzzz

  26. Hello Guys am not Indian but I like telegu movie can you guys plz tell me how can I get English subtitle telegu movie one of my friend from India sent me few VCD but all have no subtitle………plz hit me back on this id THANKZ Jai Hind!!!

  27. watch MANMADHUDU if u can find the subs, a lot of language oriented pun type jokes, plays on words, etc. but i think u’ll still like it, it’s easily one of the most hillarious telugu movies out.

  28. hi guys ……..
    I want subtitles of movie Nuvvuvasthanante nenvadhantana (NVNV).I have searched it all around over google but did not able to find any positive result. If any of you can help then please tell the website you can send the link at my id or if you have the subtitles then that will be much better .My id is
    Hope for the best response from you guys …

  29. Omg, I seriously dunno how I came across this site and its wicked. I’m like a former NRI, and grew up listening to Telugu but never undertstanding any movies, and then I saw Bommarillu and seriously loved it! I showed a few songs to my cacausian friends (I showed them heaps of sharukh khan songs) and they loved it too!

  30. Even i am a fan of this movie..I am a mallu and this is the only telugu film i ever saw in my was simply awesome..!!

    Even i learned a few telugu..

    Naaku konjam Telugu telusu..

    is that correct friends..?

  31. Bomarillu Rocks……Guys u know I just love Songs of movie, Jeneliya’s expressions (one in which she looked out of the door of the bus ) Sidharth done his best….Really its awsome movie…The songs i like most in the movies are Appodo yeppoddo and Nammak thapanni……..friends can you tell me who sung Appado yeppado…?

  32. i’m a student of computer engg. 4th yr, from nepal, i dont understand a single telgu word, but this is the first time i watched the movie almost 10 times, still striving to watch, i watched during exam time too, the dialogs are just so interlinked from first to the end, even a single scene is linked till the end. a fabolous direction , we would love to watch this directors hindi movie if possible

  33. pl mail me english subtitles of NVNV(TELUGU)…….

    N 1 thing dat in hindi bommarillu siddharth should play a leading role nt harman baweja…..

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