Finally finally i reached the landmark, i broke the barrier of post count in 2 digits now my post count has reached a whole new level… now i am a centurion… Yup yup yup this is my 100th post finally i am in an elite list which very few people are able to make into. Yes i know i am doing it too much but … hell its special this time 100

This post is going to be a retrospective (dont know whether i should use the term here or not) post and i am gonna boast a bit so all you people who have other important things to do in your life except readig about the blabbering of a guy who has got nothing to do in his summer holidays then you are most welcome to leave the blog right at this instant instead of cursing me later for having made you read somthing which might look like a pile of shit to you .. 🙂

Its been a long time since i started blogging on a regular basis actually it must have been about a year coz i remember started writing about the end of my first year courtesy these two fellows Abhinav, an IIM-C graduate right now in Bangalore and Sunshine a bengali babe now in Seattle (hope she is not sleepless… 🙂 fatta 🙂 )whose writings inspired me to start reading and writing blog… and both of them are friends in personal life too.. 🙂 Actually got the link of Sunshine’s blog from Abhinav’s blog

All through my school life my writing was never ever appreciated by any of the teachers and during my 11th and 12th i was constantly bordering on the failure cut off marks (which was 60% in our school) and managed to fail once in my 11th final exams all in all my english was pretty ordinary before i came here (I dont proclaim that i have become Shakespeare of sorts but ya my english has improved considerably)and i never thought that i will be able to write anything in my life that i can make others read except for my English teacher :P.

Then one fine day i started blogging and i am quite proud of myself that this is one thing that i have been able to continue for such a long duration (ofcourse two more things which i also started at almost the same thing have been able to pursue them too but they are a different matter). This is one thing which has given me much happiness over the last one year sure it feels good when someone comments on your work. It never hurts if your work is being appreciated. Some of the comments about my blog are etched in my memory 3 of them i wanna write here two of them are from my friends and one is from a complete stranger whose name was Ankita and surname i never knew coz she scrapped me about my blog and her name always used to be something like “Ankita – the technocrat” “Ankita – the *” actually she came to know about my blog when i posted the link in a post of some community but it felt nice to hear good things from a stranger about your blog.
So the comments were
Once Raman my friend told me “Tere purane posts aur abhi ke posts ki language mein to rat din ka fark aa gaya hai ” 🙂 Anybody happy???
Then one fine day Karan, the guy who has one of the best english in our batch buzzed me and told me that my english had improved quite a lot and he thought that “ You could have got a A if you did it now” (waise FYI i got a B in English -I)
Then this Ankita(whom i mentioned above) scrapped me and told me that “you write very well and ” Now hold your nerves because what are going to read is gonna make your eyeballs pop out of their sockets and so she said “You can be the next Chetan Bhagat in making”now if something can be defined as the reason of making someone fly in the air then this comment completely fits into that category . Actually i had written a funny post about an incident with a girl which must have made her give such an observation. Hey ankita if you ever read this then scrap me back.. you are lost in some other universe i guess.
Then there have been various comments on my blog saying that “this was a great post ” and i “wrote very well” and people i cant say how much i value your compliments but frankly speaking i value comments which say about the post more…

One ability which i think i seriously lack is the abilty to write something creative I cant write fiction i cant just go on and write something which is the result of my mind’s creativity . I can just report the things which happen around me and one thing which i feel i am able to do is express my emotions and feelings (i dont know whats the difference between the two).

Some of my favourite posts (Sorted by date) :

1) An escapade with a girl – First post of mine which gained popularity
2) EK ladki Anjani Si – Sincere apology to a friend
3) Missing didi on Rakhi – Do i need say more??? dedicated to my sister
4)Truck Ride at 4:00 am – Just goes to say how much fun we have 🙂
5) Girls -Couldnt stop myself from including the post in the list after readingthe comments in the post..though i am always rebuked for writing toomuch abt girls
6)Teachers – A post about the people whom i respet the most
7) Mother – My greatest source of strength
8 ) Love can i get what it is – My philosophy about the enigmatic word
9) He does it again – Another post about the God.. Like it coz i could capture his achievement in my own words 8)

10)Chhoti chhoti batein – Dedicated to happy moments of my life

Had to delete this post about Sachin- the God from the list to confine the sizeof(list ) =10 🙂
Some more things :
My happiest moment related to the blog
My longest post though this one is fast catching on with it in term of size
My longest comment

PS1:- Enjoy the hols while you can coz these are gonna end soon.. 😦
PS2:- When will we get single rooms
PS3:- Cant wait to go to my cousin’s engagement… I am waiting for you 30th April
PS4:- CVIT guys getting fucked 4 hrs of class a day and to top it assignments daily
PS5:- This is the first constructive work which i have been able to continue without any pressures to do it.

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13 thoughts on “100!!!!

  1. Congrats !!!!

    May u blog for ur whole life …. and help jobless souls like me to read something 🙂

    By the way CVIT rox 😉

  2. Hearty congratulations dear buddy!! Continue the great work which you have been doing from the past year..Having read all your posts,I would say that the quality of your writings has increased exponentially..Keep up the work!!!

  3. Cheers man! U’ve come a long away.. Hats off
    Chetan Bhagat :O neways.. it sounds good 😛
    parddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

  4. first thing first … !! congrats .. !!
    2nd thing 2nd …!! gg for the dedication …. an average of 2 posts a week !!
    hope i’ll finish my 50th soon 😀 !!

  5. Enjoy yourself bro . There are very few things one actually enjoys.If bloggin is one of em for you , keep having fun . As for me , I am in office on Sunday morning . Howz that for enjoyment ?

  6. Cogr8s bhalu for d century !!!!!
    ever since i have joind IIIT things hav changd around so much … but u n ur bloggin hav continud as always . i too believe tht ur writing skills have developd termendously ever since u startd bloggin …. hope u achieve greater heights in this bloggin world .
    I believe bloggin is like a religion 2 u & hope u follow it forever !!!!!
    Sleep less Blog more ………….

  7. I think …. ankita’s statement is absolutly right …… dude !!!! u r our next “Chetan bhagat “…….. and thanks for mentioning me as ur first xample … Well as all know abt ur writting skill so i dont need 2 mention that …. u are awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @ All :Sorry for being so bloody late in replying to comments.. u know i have become so so lazy in holidays.

    @ Maruti : Dont worry i will keep blogging this has become a part of my life now..

    @ Karan : Ya Chetan Bhagat sounds good to me too… 😛 Pardddy we will see.. 🙂

    @ Deepti: Thanx buddy.. and i f u think so.. then its great.. 😀

    @ @nks : I guess u finished ur 50th… so now migrate to wordpress as u promised…

    @ yogesh : Will sure try to do that.. 😀

    @ Abhinav : Well ya i am enjoying it.. and about you.. u just seem to be the kind of person who enjoys evrything he does… U seem to be so full of fun.. I hope to meet you someday in my life.. N ya thanx for commenting onmy blog… 🙂

    @Chirag : Ya blogging is sort of religion to me 🙂 Blog more is fine… but sleeping less is a very big punishment to me..NOT ACCEPTABLE

    @ Prateek : Koi nahin u will also reach 100 some fine day…

    @ Raman : Well i cant say anything but thanx but seriously i dont deserve that.. Thanx again.. be .. 🙂

  9. Yeah dude seriously, I don’t have any right to judge blogs according to the quality of posts and I won’t even make an attempt, but I must say that if blogs were graded according to the ‘enthu’ of the blogger, your’s will win hands down.
    Although I seldom comment on posts, I read every one and I would surely like you to keep up the good work!

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