PS(Pre-Script): Please please please even after reading this post dont change your opinion about my sanity if you thikn i am a sane person then dont let this post affect you.
    Its been many days since i have blogged but these holidays have made me so so lazty i dont do anything much these days excpet sleeping for i dont know how many hours and watching a movie a day (dismal by holiday standards for some but quite ok for me 🙂 ) and reading 20-30 pages of Anne frank’s Diary a day… how lazy i have become… 😦 I started writing a post on 22nd which was supposed to be two parts and was titled ” Happy, happy(er), happy(est)” but it kept on growing in length so abandoned it. So today i am gonna write on the title on which piyush tagged me to write. The title was “Proposal” i had written a comment on his post that i wouldnt write about my actual proposal but how i would propose a girl if i do it now… But i guess i should go on with my original proposal…
    So here it goes, this incident happened when i was in class XIIth and there was this girl in our class and we were (and are) very good friends but then i started getting attracted towards her and then some time later i realised that i had a crush on her but as each and every mortal i was afraid to tell her anything about that. It was around july end or something like that of our XII that i started feeling strongly for her but just tried to keep it all to me while thinking about her for hours on end.. 🙂 when i was alone… is it strange to do such things???
    Then one fine day some thing happened which forced me to go and propose her and tell her my feelings, the reason for that i am gonna disclose later so let me descibe the events and happenigs of that unforgetful day, the day when i first proposed a girl the date was 11th August .. not that i remember but i could find out coz of the reason i have not disclosed. I Still remember the setting of that day though not a word of what i said to her… I remember i asked her to stop after the school got over and there we were standing near the window  and the weather outside was cloudy. We stood at the side of the room away from the door at the front of class. I guess most people had left by that time. We were standing between the podium of the class and the table of the first row of the class.
    I told her whatever i felt as i said i dont remember what i said but i guess i would have said something like “I like you” and somethings more which i dont remember at all and now comes the most important part.. what was her answer!!!! Well… hmmm…. the answer was a NO.. and the reason which she gave was (waise i didnt ask for any!! good guy i am respecting her right to say no) that “himank we are good friends.. very god friends and i never thought about you this way and i think we should remain friends only” and some things.. as i said i dont remember it… it has been 4 years since then and thats a long time.
    One thing i appreciate and respect about her is that she didnt just give me a cold shoulder and continued talking to m in normal way which also helped me become normal and now she is among the best of my friends and we just rock… I also told her about a crush i had.. all in all i couldnt make her my girl friend but i sure made a friend for life.
    Now the reason which i havent disclosed as yet… is that i proposed to her on the day of RAKSHA BANDHAN ( the day it was celebrated in school… that is a day before the actual date ).. cozx i was afraid… what if she ties me a rakhi on the day… though this rakhi tying and all had ended by the time we got into class X but i decided to go on with this.. Now that i reflect back.. i think that was a reason for me to go ahead and propose to her. I think that this was the reason which gave me courage enough to go and tell her. Its easy to propose someone when you are not friends but its all the more difficult when you are friends and you dont want to lose the firendship with that person and thats the reason why i could actually tell the date of proposal. Today as i set about writing about the incident and am thinking about the day i just feel how so kiddish i was .. how could i even think of proposing a girl on the day of Raksha Bandhan of all days.. and that even too when i myself was thiking that she might tie me a rakhi.. but guess thats how i am.. Implulsive,Irrational.. 🙂


Other things… 22nd April was a great day for me two people about whom i wrote in my last post Abhinav Bhai and Sunshine  Both seemed to recognise my blog on the same day. I woke up in the morning to see the post on sunshine’s blog which talks about me.. Now this is as big as it can get for my blog… coz i seriously have admired her writing for so long and then in the noon i got a comment from Abhinav bhai… about whom i once wrote that he was my blogging God and he does rock for sure. It was like getting recognition from two people who are my idols in blogosphere… 🙂 Can i be more happy than this???

Since this was a tag post so i also tag

1. Pati Sir (since you are back to non geeky posts…)

2. Ankit Garg (High time you wrote something andmove to wordpress)

3. Maruti (i know you havent done it but had to tag you)

4. Namrata ( Dont tell you have never done it…  just let your creativity run wild)

5. Vibhav (gave you a new topic to post on your new blog)

And please ppl… if you havent then write how you would propose…. if you do in near future…

PS1:- Did a little work for the project today just thinking part mainly.

PS2:- NZ lost to Sri Lanka 😦 now just pray that SA doesnt lose out to
Aus. then the two teams i have been rooting for will be kicke out.. 😦

PS3:- I am so much looking forth to 30th April, i will be going to my cousin’s engagement… 🙂

LIFE ROCKS these days… 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. Nice one !!!

    U have tagges me .. that means i need to cook up a proposal ??? eh crap !! will do it tonite 😛

  2. Nice read.Come on dude u tagged me to write on a topic that ends before it even starts.I would never propose (you kinda know that rght), I still beleive in guys making the move and unfortunately I have never been at the receiving end either.But who cares , I wil try and cook up something.

    PS:Proposed on the day of Rakhi – that was bad timing.Ouch!But appreciate your honesty!

  3. lol .. proposin jus coz u were afraid she wud tie a rakhi?!!
    well .. in that case .. shud hav carried arnd a rose .. and as soon as (and if ) she did come to u with a rakhi .. shud have presented her the flower, say watever u had to say, shock her beyond words and leave 😛

  4. hey dear … as u have tagged i will try writing something …
    these old memories are meant to be cherished …:)
    really i wanted sometopic to write bt not this topic ..:)

    for the first time i am reading somebody’s blog .. and u r really rocking …

    nice post 🙂

  5. Hmm… The first one to respond to my post …. well I hv heard this before from u …. But man dat was really a …. i dunno whether bad but rather weird timing to propose a girl …. But its good that you two are good friends now .. unlike my case !!
    well written …. but I must say it was better to listen a first person account, when 15 friends are somehow inside a room, than to read .

  6. dat grt indeed!!
    even after the rejection of ur proposal,u still hold the bond with the girl.
    well, can u temme,y u hav always doubt with ur sanity!!

  7. @ Maruti : I guess your tonite will come sometime in this year 😛 May be some fine day when you will be free of CVIT Assigns.. 😀

    @ Karan : hmmm…

    @ Namrata: glad tha you wrote the post… 🙂 i too agree it was bad timing…

    @ Mythalez : Liked ur idea may be should have done that.. May be a rose would have made her say a ‘YES’

    @ Abhijeet aka Pagare: Dude wish me luck.. I might need it in near future 😛

    @ Prateek: and they have almost fucked the SL.. as of now… lets see what the 2nd innnings has in store for us though i am not pretty hopeful

    @Vibhav : Well thanx.. 😛

    @ Piyush: Well ya … listening is always better than reading and seeing is better than listening.. ain’t it??

    @Yogesh: Yup she is one of my closest friends now.. one person whom i can trust fully… Well abt sanity many frnds of mine used to tell me that i am mad proposing on rakhi.. thats why i had written that … but am glad ppl havent thought so.. 🙂

  8. Nice work buddy!!Honesty to the core..I appreciate you and your friend for not behaving as typical boy and girl and stop talking to each other after she gets to know your feelings. 🙂

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