A/An Omnibus of thoughts!!!

A lot of thoughts have been coming to my mind recently thought of writing somethings about some of them so lets see how do i fare writing about them


“With great Power come great responsibilties” all of us have heard this famous line by Spider Man(i guess!!) but most people dont ever think anything like this after getting powers or authorities which they may deserve. Right now the thing which disturbed me and made me think on these lines was a few mails on the students and all mailing lists of our college which can be clearly considered to be spams and now comes the part of power or authority… since they are the authority i dont think there would be nay filtering for their mails. I mean come on…their mails are directed only to a set of students and sometimes arent useful as such to anybody… just general mails but their mails come and hit evry bloody mailbox in the IIIT without no concern. I know i might be over reacting a bit but a tyrannic act by somebody has forced me to write this though i cant mention that act…

All of our lives we just keep talking about the importance of good friends in our lives and how life is just so empty without such friends and all those talks but is it really so?? Is it necessary to have good friends. We may have very high value of our friends in our lives but once we have to move away from them we just move ahead and leave them behind and they almost cease to exist in our lives and the people who matter more to us in the new friends in our lives but almost no set of friends are permanent they just keep coming and going. I had a great set of friends in school and always used to think that how will i live without the company of these people but i came to college and my life just kept going on and even in college though i spend my 24 hrs with the set of people and right now i cant think of spending a day without talking to them but i guess when i leave college i will surely leave this dependency too and move ahead… If i am wrong then some college passouts please tell me if its not so with them.. that is if they miss their friends with the same intensity as they used to when they had just left the college and the friend circle…

PS1:- “I am so Happy Coz today” i will be leaving to attend my cousin’s engagement.. 🙂 Will be coming back on 10th… so bbye blogosphere for 10 days….
PS2:- DB grades coming today (technically) or tomorrow(as i would like to say coz i havent slept yet) pray for me… 😛 and two frnds of mine… hope its better for them… God pls pls save them… pls pls….
PS3:- I have become so lazy in the hols.. doing nothing not watching movies, not writing blogs, not reading novels, not studying just wasting time but hell “i am loniv’ it” have to complete a tag by maruti…
PS4:- Random arbit post.. this was… but whatever….
PS5:- A/An in the title is because i am confused whether there should be ‘A’ or ‘An’ before omnibus. Help me out!!
PS6:- 3rd Ug2->Ug3 blogger blogging today after maruti n deepti OR is it deepti n maruti who carez.. 🙂
PS7:- Those assholes Australians won again.. Somebody tell them whats the pleasure of winning after losing.. they just do one thing … win win win and win
PS8:- Raman is coming into the blog world as stated by him in vaibhav’s blog.. now this has all the settings of a masala movie… i am waiting for this to happen with bated breath.. 😛

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8 thoughts on “A/An Omnibus of thoughts!!!

  1. Have fun at the wedding.As far as moving on is concerned I guess life is so complicated that one has no other option.

  2. These are your thoughts buddy……and one can’t really argue with smone else’s thoughts……..but still i do agree with some of them……….. you coming back on 10th and i m leaving on 10th……..hope you have a good time………

  3. Man’s too much of a rational animal ol’ pal … the only thing that remains behind are memories …. yeah ! I guess u r spot-on with your observations

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