Engagement of my Cousin

    I have been missing from the blogging scene for quite some time now… and the reason was also there in my last post, i had gone to attend the engagement of my cousin and what a time i had there.. can say these were one of the best holidays i have had in recent times.
    It was ages after which i saw some of my cousins and they have grown by leaps and bounds.. if i can use the term for this… but seriously i was shocked to see hpw much they all have grown up and the same astonishment was shared by one of my older cousin who is married and was seeing me after many years.. guess time flies by… 😛
    The time we spent in playing dumb charades in the vacations cant be compared to anything else.. by the end of four days we had no movies left to guess so we started giving absurd words to each other to enact and guess and we had gained enough proficiency by the time to identify those absurd words… but the best game we had was antakashari between the elders of the house v/s us children and the game was truck loads of fun for us all with our mausis and moms singing songs which sounded like coming from some distinct planet, i can confidently say that i have quite a bit of knowledge of old songs but the songs which were being sang by those people were like latin, hebrew to our ears but it was so so much fun but the game had to finished abruptly coz the sagai ceremonies had started but it was great.
    Then came the most interesting part of the whole engagement party… Actually my cousin bro has a sali and when you talk of a girl how can you count me out    and that too when the only word which comes to your mind after seeing her is “HOT”so it was all out flirting with her for the single day for which the ladki wale were there in the city my bad luck… only one day.. 🙂 Actually my whole family was with me and it was all fun with my mama arranging for a photo session of me and her done by my bhaia.. 😛 and then in the night my mom made us both dance together with hands in hands.. 😛 ain’t it good!!! But alas the time was not enough… only one day… so now i am waiting for the marriage when i will get a chance to meet her again..

Song of the day -: Laree Chhoote from the movie EK Chalees ki Last Local

PS1:- My b’day today!!!
PS2:- Back to college.. have to start the project work now and also the introspection session will blog about it when it ends have heard quite a bit about it.
PS3:- Know this is a pathetic post but had to write about the trip and couldnt write anything better. so please bear with me

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9 thoughts on “Engagement of my Cousin

  1. Hey buddy welcome back … You are not far away from 25k visits 😉 .
    Happy Birthday and saale kutte ******* Hand-in-Hand 😛

  2. first of all…Many Many Happy returns of the day Himank…yaar aaj first time hi
    tere blogs padhe…enjoyed !!!
    vaise how many u’ve written so far ?? 🙂
    yaar sahi main…bahut aish maar ke aaya hai….bt nw b regular in introspection
    meetings… 🙂

  3. yeah, come to those meetings. they’re fun, too.
    you also have to assist me in teaching english to the security guards. i personally gave your name for that ‘coz i know all this blogging’s definitely gonna help 😛

  4. Ahana…. hands-in-hands ….

    Many many happy returns of the day …. as a gift I will right that post u tagged me for … but pls pls dont expect anything better than Maruti’s 😛

    Have loads of fun…

  5. balls! “hands in hands” ….
    after reading your post I felt like breaking ur hands … saale itni aish mar ke aaya
    hai … aur jala bhi raha hai ….

  6. @chand saale bas bol ki hi chhod dega or ll u ever hit some1 in real?? 😀
    hey himank change the theme plzz.. its gives a “bloody red” color on highliting…. wont coment coz i ve herd this from u in real 🙂

  7. @ Maruti : Know that and ya “Hand -in – hand” 😛
    @ Shikha : Fun is an understatement and ya eagerly waiting for the marriage
    @ Mahaveer: Thanx yaar.. this one was my 103th and now i have written 104
    @ Aniket: Bhai aaj ye meeting attend kar ke ujhe koi khas maza to nahin aya…lets see what the future has in store
    @ Skp: Thanx for the wishes… and please dont let it be a fatta
    @ Chand: Kya saale itna mar ke chain nahin mila hai kya??
    @ Aditya: Kyun bhai aisi kya prob hai is bloody red se… I like it 😛

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