Just now Karan told me about this … I was just disgusted to read about this.. A bomb blast in a Masjid… What was the person or the group responsible for this trying to show that we can get in the premises of a religious place and do such a heinous act.

I can think of only one motive behind such an act.. the person behind this act wants only one thing.. that there should be Hindu-Muslim violence. I am sure some of you will think that this is just another post on my blog and i have tried to rant about a social issue… but this news influenced me more because i have been to the Mecca Masjid recently and went inside the main hall or whatever it is said… I was there just for about a min coz my bro with whom i had been there was worried about our shoes and wouldnt let me stay there for long but the mental peace i had at that place was just incomparable. I am very hurt that such an incident happened at such a place. This act is done with the sole aim of igniting riots but people wont understand this… and there sure are going to be some refutations. I just wish nothing of this sort happens.
I can’t understand why people cant let others live in peace and harmony, there has to be some reason so that there is always hatred amongst the group of people and now i am sure the media will over hype this thing and as a result people will become more infuriated…

May God or Allah or whoever is there up sitting and looking at the foolish acts of these mindless individuals grant some brains to these bloody idiots and grant peace to the souls of those whgo died and give the strength to their families.

I will say that i would prefer going ti the Mecca Masjid than going to any temple coz of the peace and calm in the sanctuary of the mosque… truly awesome…. and somebody tried to malign it…

Song of the day – Actually 2 Wo Ajnabee from The Train and Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar from the movie with same name by K.K.

PS1:- I am in a terrible state.. dont know what has come to me… feeling sleepy all day even in the night, not able to eat anything, headache, weakness and the IIIT doctor decides not to show up today.
PS2:- Not able to do any work for my project… Fuck this illness…
PS3:- I wanna eat but am not hungry have eaten almost nothing for last 3 days… just a dinner yest… This is terrible

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7 thoughts on “Why??

  1. Its shame that such anti-social elements are attacking soft targets.
    The problem is that we cannot ensure security at every place.
    Places where we find the general public. I have read that the crowd reacted violently and that they pelted stones at the shops and the police.
    These kind of incidents lead to communal violence ….
    and we foolish souls become part of it…. The problem is ignorance ..
    people are so ignorant that they fail to see the real motive….
    The extremist groups act as the promoters forcing thousands of people into communal clashes. What do we Indians actually gain from it ?

    The mosque is nearly 400 years old, close to my house ….
    I fail to understand for what purpose they attack soft targets.
    Brutally killing innocent people…..Its so inhuman and sick….

  2. Man when will these come to an end 😦 … i am sick and frustrated by the terror attacks at religious ppl …. And the thing which every one shud be doing is to be united and show them that these mean attacks didnt disturb any violence among people here … These ppl are shit man dun they have any sense 😦

  3. The people should not let themselves be swayed by anyone trying to insinuate them. I just saw the Hyderabad MP shouting on TV that 8 people had been killed in police firing. I don’t know, I might be wrong, but every news channel has so far reported maximum 3 deaths due to police firing. What’s the MP’s source of information? And why was he hitting out at the congress instead of offering condolences to the sufferers in this hour of need?
    The people of Hyderabad, as far as I know, are very sensible. I’m sure they’ll handle this situation with utmost maturity. The only thing’s not to lose their rationality in these testing times.

  4. Sorry Himank…I’ve read Arora’s blog..newayz it doesnt chage my view on
    this type of unsocial activities… so here is the same comment…
    Really struck my heart and soul. whoever did this law-breaking thing , I don’t know how they are going to justify themselves to the people of their family and to those affected and their relatives.
    If you have trouble with someone..do criminal-offense on them,even it is not OK but still it looks fine to me in comapre to take away numerous innocent lives.
    anyways nice blog…I appreciate your effort in this blog.
    Cheers !!

  5. Know what ,the strength of Hyderabadis came full force when prayers were offered at the masjid in the evening inspite of the blast earlier.I think by being strong and sending signals like these the sick people who were behind the blasts will realise that acts of cowardice like these cant shake human spirit.

  6. hmm yeah! Bad very bad 😦 basically done by the ISI as far as I know ..to create social turmoil in the country

    And u must have got a sunstroke 😦 ..its the summer heat u know ..tc

  7. yaa man its really bad that some people do these acts just to develop hatred among various regional groups and i pray to God that such people must have been punished severly so that it will serve as an example for others who want to do such acts and they will give it a double or triple thought before performing anything of such kind…….

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