Why Genie?? Why??

I have been tagged by deepti to write a post on the wishes i have i am given them by the genie of Alladin and since she has asked me not to keep the topic as Why?? Genie Why?? and since i am infamous for doing what others tell me not to… so i am keeping the title as same but there is a reason why i am asking the Genie this question. Generally genie gives only 3 wishes but this genie is giving 5 wishes or in case this is genie is like that of Alladin then this genie should keep granting me wishes until it is with me… So i just want to ask the genie whats your story buddy???

So here are my 5 wishes…

First one is, i want that all the pollution in this world should eradicate somehow with no side effects, i dont know how it will happen and where will this pollution it is the problem that the genie should handle but this is the wish i want.
Second wish I have is about India and the English Rule over India, i just wish that the Britishers had never come to India so that India would still be a rich country, whose wealth has been drained by those bloody British as said by somebody the wealth was soaked from the banks of River Ganga and dropped at the banks of Thames. The state in which India is now we cant even envision the India of yore, the golden Bird of the World.

The third one is related to me only i wish to have Someone special for me as i have envisaged in all the dreams i have seen about her since a long time…. Waiting for her 😉

Fourth one is Obviously lots and lots of money , I just want tons of money, this is a material world and you need money for every thing and when you have lots of money you can buy more and more things and i am sure that unless you are some bloody psycopath you will agree with me on the point that material things sure give happiness….

Well this wish took a long tims to think, i dont have any particular wish as such but i would like to have the brains of einstein for one… have heard a lot of stories about the Time Magazine Man of the Century…

PS1:- Somebody cure me of this terrible and unknown bloody disease
PS2:- Watching Mahabharat these days watched the episode when Krishna Bhagwan lifted Govardhan just now
PS3:- Missing home like hell because of this illness… Wanna go home… So jealous of these bloody localites

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13 thoughts on “Why Genie?? Why??

  1. me too missing home a lot 🙂 our diseases are just opposite
    dont why we ??? lots of bad ppl out thr , i thot we were pretty decent guys 😛
    anyway u seem pretty concerned abt world and society n thats good 🙂

  2. oye beech mein localites ne kya kiya haan?? 🙂 I really wish you get a genie not just in a dream but in reality because I would like to see India in a complete different light,a rich country,technically strong,politically efficient and most importantly peace and no anti-social activities!!

  3. hey dude the fisrt two wishes sounds to be very noble thoughts and the other are very intelligent ones so your wishes don’t match wid ur image 😛
    Just joking yaar ur wishes are very different from the others thats very nice i must say ur wishes are really a worth

  4. “So jealous of these bloody localites”

    Yeah, you should be. About the state transition of our country, rather than asking for a change in many aspects, be the change for the developing India.

  5. @ Shrikant: 🙂

    @ Mathur : Chalo aapka meri wishes kuch to achhi lagi..

    @ Deepti: The localites can go home when they like… and i too wish the same… Hope i find such a genie some day

    @Karan: Well actually i didnt think at all except for the last one they just came to my mind.. N mahabharat is quite interesting…

    @ Vipul : Thanx be… 🙂

    @ TomRiddle: Cant agree more…

  6. Nice wishes.Well I disagree with you on the whole British ruling India thing.First,because I think it did a world of good to us and everything happens for the good ,as naive as it may sound.We cant undo the past but future is in our hands.Second I love British accent and third I love Gerrard,Beckham and Liverpool.[:)]The localites and even ppl like me are lucky coz we get to see our relatives.Hope you find a way to make your wishes come true!

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