I have been watching Mahabharat over the last few days. The same Mahabharat that was telecast on Doordarshan in ’88-’90 and i have to say that the show was great, inspite of the fact that it is a well known story and we know almost evrything that happens in the story, the show doesnt get boring at any point of time. While watching the show some questions and other thoughts came into my mind which i would like to share with you people.

First of all, i would like to congratulate the people for the choice of characters, some of the characters are so well suited for the roles they are playing and in this category i would like to take names of three characters,age wise i would say the role of
1) Bheeshm Pitamah played by Mukesh Khanna is awesome… he suits perfectly in the role, his voice has that authority which is required for that role and also the softness of voice needed for a soft hearted person like him.

2) Bheem – The role is played by Praveen Kumar and he is so well suited, he just stands out amongst other people which is what is expected from a character playing the “Sarvashrestha gadadhar Maha Shaktishali Bheem”

3) Krishna – This role is played by Nitish Bhardwaj and his voice and his face have that softness, that power and that naughtiness which is expected of Lord Krishna

One character which didnt satisfy me much in the start was that of Yudishtir i expected him to be soft spoken and his voice could have been a bit mellow.

One more interesting fact is that the role of Arjun is played by a guy named Arjun… coincidence??? or the will of someone above there????

Another thing i came to know was that “Vidur” was a highly respected and important person of the time and era while all this time i never knew about Vidur, have just heard his name sometimes but never as a great or respected person.

I have always heard through my life that Karna was a very respectable character but could never understand why he was said so!!! I had heard something about him being “danveer” but after seeing the Mahabharat, respect has grown multifolds in my heart for the person, the incident that made maximum impact on me was when he was beaten by an unknown Brahmin (who was actually Arjun), he just bowed in front of him and said that i pay my respects to ur teacher instead of feeling humiliated and getting angry. There is only one instant when we doesnt come out as a hero,that is when Draupadi was dragged to the Hastinapur Court by Dushasan and Karna calls her ‘Veshya‘ aka prostitute otherwise he is out and out a respectable person who was wronged more than anybody else in the Mahabharat.

It was strange to see that one brother of Duryodhana,’Vikarna‘, third eldest Kaurav opposed him during “Draupadi cheer haran” and the main thing is that i never even heard his name my entire life… He sure is a character that should have been remembered by the history as the only guy who tried to stop “Duryodhan” inspite of being his youngr brother while his elders were silent.

There are a few questions too
1) Did “Dronacharya” demand “Eklavya’s” thumb just for the sake of making Arjun the best archer or as he said it was because Eklavya stole education from him,if it was the first case then the respect for him takes a nose dive in my eyes

2) Why couldnt any of the wise and just men in the court of “Dhritrashtra” force him to make him the correct decision i see the war partly as a mistake of these highly revered people.

Song of the Day -: Tiki tiki room by Hillary Duff

PS1:- Have become very very very lazy, am thinking of writing this post for last 4 days and finally wrote it today.
PS2:- For all my well wishers, i am feeling fine now…
PS3:- No more PSes now…. Enjoyyyyyyy
PS4:- I expect people reading this post to know about Mahabharat… 🙂 otherwise not much use of reading it 😛

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12 thoughts on “Mahaaaabhaarat

  1. you watchin Mahabharat. you must be kiddin.
    and god.. u actually wrote a post on it. god bless you.
    and who is wasting bw on downloading it btw.

  2. Boring post man. write some better stuff which u used 2 earlier.
    neways, get out of ur room n njoi life nw.
    as 4 ur ques, yes eklavya had 2 give hsi thumb jus 4 d guru’s love 4 arjuna.

  3. @ himank :
    U forgot to mention Puneet Essar’s Duryodhana .That was a perfect villain’s role . 😉

    Hey! Karna never got beaten by Arjuna !!!!!! (with/without a brahmin’s disguise)You must have remembered wrong!

    Anyway,did you notice that in the serial only Arjuna and Duryodhana had seperate background musics 😀 …Arjuna’s music is truly awesome !! 🙂

  4. nice post be ……. u have become really obsessed with mahabharat and watching that i have also started watching it and found it very interesting …….. and i have no answers to ur ques as my knowledge is really weak in this field

  5. I think it was the first reason to ur first question because Dronacharya was very proud of himself and wanted Arjun to be the best student also Ekalavya didn’t steal education from him … btw do u know the story of Ekalavya (dunno whether its in any episodes of Mahabharata ) ?? Its very intersting …

    nice post …. keep posting ….

  6. Well as far as my knowledge goes Dronacharya asked for Eklavya’s right thumb
    to make Arjuna the best archer.
    well wats next in the list ?? planning to watch Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan?

  7. Dude…If anyone tells u the mahabharat is crap or ur not cool for liking it its because they are small ppl…They are like ants trying to figure out what that big shoe thing in the sky is..SPLAT!

  8. And Drona was an asshole…he was basically Casteist…and a hypocrite. He was a brahmin by birth and Kshatriya by Karma. So he of all ppl shouldnt have judged anyone by their caste (Karn,Eklavya).

  9. Dronacharya was teaching Ekalavya a lesson so that people don’t follow this fake guru nistha. After being once rejected by the guru should one try to learn from that guru against his wishes? Rather one should try to find a willing guru to teach him. But Ekalavya broke all the roles and disobeyed the order of his “guru” and therefore I don’t respect him very much. Besides if he was a good guy why would the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna kill him?

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