IIIT Turning into Wildlife Sanctuary

All the people living in IIIT are aware of the presence of stray dogs in IIIT and you must have also seen a few frogs and if you are lucky then snakes(i have seen two as of yet)but day before yesterday was a day when many more animals decided to make IIIT their home… some thousands of insects, alll the frogs coming out in open to eat those insects, a scorpion and of course those dogs.

Recently a cat is also seen prowling in NBH dont know about any other place and a mouse larger than any average cat in size is also seen roaming in NBH and some times going to rooms to meet the occupants.

Here are some of the photos and videos of these animals

The Legendary Mouse i talked about .. The animal is moving so i couldnt take a good photo


Never seen Five frogs seen so close..all clustered to eat those insects.. 🙂 Hope you can find all 5 of them


So many of them


Close up


A scorpion… dead and one hand(or toe or whatevr it is said) dismantled from his body


More of those insects


A video but the better one is not uploaded as yet

EDIT: The second video

PS1:- Two videos are also there will upload them later
PS2:- Read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” might have been fake but was awesome.. 🙂
PS3:- I am sorry if the post made u feel sick and kicking me..
PS4:- 5 more days and i will be leaving for home
PS5:- Might be going to Ramoji Film City tomorow with my cousin

PS6:- My first post consisting mainly of photos

PS7:- Sorry the video n picture quality is not good.. screw my VGA camera…


17 thoughts on “IIIT Turning into Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. I have taken the pic of snakes 2 times.. and ya the rat sure looks dangerous…. it can sure gobble a cat by the looks of it.. and today also we saw another scorpion on the road in front of main buiding flattened by some vehicle…
    Hey why dont u send me the photo of that snake i can put it here too… 😛

  2. Aah wish you had written this post a week ago, I had a lizard(chottu one) right underneath my bed. I tried giving it biscuits which I guess they dont like and was later eaten away by ants. We could have got pics of even that.

  3. There are loads of birds that keep coming to our wing and lizards are a regular feature.Never saw a scorpion though.Our institute is sure turning into a reserve for animals.

  4. Hey I have been having the same experience. Saw some frogs on my way to ATM yesterday night. Saw those small insects with remains of their wings spread over the ground floor of GHEB day before yesterday at around 4 while playing AOE.
    It was nice you put some photos in your blog. Photos and pictures explain and express a lot.
    And yes, it’s good you wrote this blog. 🙂

  5. This is kewl man !!

    but you are missing on ….

    Cats eating mice LIVE & EXCLUSIVELY in OBH
    (seen twice)

    A black dog who roams around in the wings on 2nd floor …
    and living in the small ground/garden b/w OBH and new OBH ( new-old :-SS )

  6. dude….. when u were takin those pitchure ….i waz thr vid u….n never xpect that u will upload dem to ur blog ….. one day for sure u will b known as “blog guru” …lage raho …

  7. @ Prateek : Lizards are so common and boring.. 🙂

    @ Chand: sale i had to sleep that day…and these photos are of next day raaat mein achhi photo ati bhi nahin..

    @ Namrata: Birds doont come to NBH… guess the softer and cuter animals for soft and cute sex.. 😛

    @ Abhishek: Thanx yaar.. COunt on me to report things happening in IIIT

    @ Karan: Yup dude… Screw the camera but thats all i got

    @ Skp: Would like to see a video of that happening….

    @ Raman: He he he.. thanx be… 8)

    @ Ankit: Koi nahin staying without food one day wont make much diffference but atleast u got to see these photos

    @ Tipo: Turning senti..eh… 😛

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