An ode to her

Missing her has become a habit
Life seems so incomplete without her
Here presence is felt in all the things
Blowing wind seems to be calling out her name
Her name is audible in the rustling of the leaves

Every face seems to take her form
Every thing smells of her sweet perfume
Gifts exchanged remind me of her
Her memories seem to drain the happiness out of me
Every day is spent writhing in pain

She seems to have forgotten me
Am I just another face for her ?
Can no feelings penetrate the walls of her heart ?
Can no fire melt the walls of ice she has formed around her ?
Why can’t she feel the things i feel ?

Cupids arrows seem to have failed him for once
Its just me standing to face the brunt of fate
My whole life seems to be in shatters
Everyday is spent in her memory
Every second my ears waiting for her voice

Every morning i wake up hoping for her to return to me
My eyes searching for her form
A fire of hope is burning in my heart
The doors of my heart are open and waiting for her
Someday she will come and make me complete

Just waiting for that day….

Song of the Day -: Here comes the Sun by Beatles (Can songs get any better???)

PS1:- My second effort in this form of literature
PS2:- Going home tomorrow morning so my last post for a long time to come(that is upto about 7-8 july)
PS3:- Am so excited about going home finally
PS4:- Give me many many hits and comments and make my summer dear readers.. 😛

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11 thoughts on “An ode to her

  1. Nice one buddy! By the way who is she? 😛 . Though it didnt rhyme this time still I sounded cool.
    Spl thanks to Guys like you and Maroo. Incase I’m in love and missing my dear one, Simple solution. Ctrl – C , Ctrl – V your poem. D
    Keep up the good work

  2. Hey Himank…….u really rocking yaar.leave this B.Tech and be a writer.
    Excellent one… the way whos she 😉 ..hehe.
    And ur that first poem was also awesome.gr8 going frnd 🙂 .

  3. @Prateek : wud luv to help ya

    @ Ankit : The summer heat getting to the mind may be 🙂

    @Abbulu: You have to study in IIM so u want us to do that too in IIIT

    @Karan: Dude i love the no 5 more and i am a number lover first then a poet.. 😛

    @ Nidhi: Are yaar chane ke jhad pe chadha rahi ho kya??? Coming from a poet like you thats kool!!!

    @ lifeandsuch: Thanx a ton 🙂

    @ Maruti: Go fug yourself

    @ Deepti: Thanx a lot dear

    @ Nipun: Didnt get you.. What did i get bad???

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