Status: Single

This is not an indication of my relationship status rather an indicaton of the fact that finally after living for two excruciatingly long two years in double occupancy in a room meant for one person, i am single… Single Yet again.I have finally been allotted a room in OBH(Old Boys Hostel) room no 221…Yipee
The room is on 2nd floor but who cares as long as we are getting single rooms. Though it pains a lot to leave cellar of NBH(New Boys Hostel) and the famous room no. C-16 but what can be done, life is always a trade off you have to lose something to gain something and its upto you to take the decision which thing to leave and when.
I am ending it here not much to write and also because i cant write much coz i am sick… Yup once again… 🙂 Though i dont think people will remember when i fell ill last time though i publicised it on my blog as much as i could.

PS1:- Writing after ages today. 🙂
PS2:- I cant understand why is there a drain(lack of any other suitable word wouldlike to know the english of a “nali”) type of thing in the last toilet and bathroom in everywing of OBH…beats me,
PS3:- Wish all of our batch was here in OBH
PS4:- Waiting for other ppl of our group to come to OBH now so that we can rock OBH
PS5:- Happy b’day Maroo, so good for him, sick on his b’day 😛

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6 thoughts on “Status: Single

  1. I remember the times when even though we used to have single rooms, we invariably ended up doing BC in someone’s room and just going to our rooms to sleep. Single room or not…. hostel life is an experience in itself 🙂

  2. the ‘drain’ is because the last bathroom had to be broken up so as to build OBH-EB. i suppose theyll be fillep up in a while. The cubicles in the wings on my side ie 90s wing are fine.

  3. @ Sreejith: Even we used to do the same when we were in double rooms and are doing it now but single room is single.. 🙂

    @ Bhanu: U bet 😛

    @ Kunal : Well we are the first batch to have double rooms 😦

    @ Varun : I hope it is done fast… Current situation is frustating

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