“Simple and beautiful” the adjective i would like to describe any thing which i like. Generally i like simple, be it  girls,movies or anything i desire (except watches and gadgets and shoes). I have never been interested in falshy things or in girls with tons of attitude. Now this is not a post describing my ideal person or anything. Its just a realization that hit me when i was watching a movie “Naram Garam” starring Amol Palekar, Swaroop Sampat, Shatrughan Sinha and ofcourse Utpal Dutt (how can he be not there in a comedy movie which has Amol Palekar!!!)

    The movie was made in 1981 which is quite old for people our age and i dont think India was trodding so fast on the path of development and westernization at such a fast pace at that time and many of the small towns of the nation must have resembled villages of now and the condition of the villages of yore can’t even be imagined. The setting of the movie is of a village and i was just enthralled by the beauty of the simple and unsophisticated life of a village shown in the movie and the other good thing in the movie was the simple and sweet “Swaroop Sampat” as Kusum,a simple village girl draped in 9 yards of sari and with a blouse with sleeves covering half her hand and with neckline as deep as her neck she had an appeal more than many of the actresses today have with their skimpy outfits. She was the image of a perfect stay with her girl.
    Leaving the actress, i just wish i was born a few decades back when i could live in a village i know that would have been tough and i wouldnt have had access to all the facilities which i have now. I cant even imagine living in a village now coz i have become so adapt to all the comforts of this life but sometimes while lying down in a garden and staring at the moon, i wish that i could do this every night and sleep in the open under the sky with a cool gale blowing. Oh what a life it would be… I just cant imagine.

Song of the day :- Strawberry Field Forever by Beatles

PS1:- I welcome the UG1 guys to the college, hope they have a pleasant stay in the campus for the ensuing years
PS2:- Beatles just rockkkk…
PS3:- Saw MP3 in Motorola today.. will give 2.5/5 to the movie
PS4:- It finally rained today
PS5:- Loving life at OBH.. have been doing awesome BC for last two nights…
PS6:- Boring post.. bear with me… 😛


6 thoughts on “Simple

  1. The neckline wasn’t deep infact it was the opposite 😀

    Deep here sounds like a plunging neckline which wasn’t the case or was it 🙂

  2. @ SwaroopSampat(whoever you are): I said the neckline was as deep as the neck.. i think you missed this part

    @ Abbulu: Well well i didnt say i would like any village girl in a big saree but that village girl was too much 😛
    N wats the problem with Beatles… They rock man!!! They are amongst the best bads ever united… atleast for me!!!

  3. another post of gals … GG !! should make a tag named gals.

    nice post though … vaise bhi sant hritik ne kaha hai “saadgi main hi sunderta hai !!”

    n yeah.. Beatles do rock .. !!

  4. @ Ankit : Hey this is not a post on gals!! Just a little mention of girls….

    @ Mythalez : Now on i wont write any such thing in my PSes.. Even if i have to write sumthing like this, i will hide it beween the lines of the post…

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