Reclining on your chair alone in the room with no one to disturb you with songs playing in the background and staring at the mosquito on the ceiling or closing your eyes and wandering into neverland with fan switched off resulting in no sounds to disturb you. This is what i call bliss.

Song of the Day:- Rishtey from Metro

PS1:- Will be writing second part of the previous post tomorrow
PS2:- Was busy tonight chatting with schoolmates
PS3:- Thinking of buying a new cell, my cell gone… Dead!! 😦
PS4:- The topper of our class(school) spotted with a girl of our class… hands in hands, resulting in a lot of gossipping. Myself telling two people about it, bless the net.


8 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. dude i think ur criusly falling short of topics think of sumthing out of the bag and write it…..

    PS agree with ur def of bliss in a few matters but true bliss is sumthing u cannot define u only realize its that feeling when ur feeling it…

  2. Bliss rocks! Dont underestimate bliss..
    You see.. ignorance might be bliss.. but bliss should not be ignorance..

    And I’ve stopped making sense.. I guess I’m in a blisful state! 😛

  3. @ Bhanu : It may be that i am falling short of topics but this was a topic for me… I was feeling it as bliss at that time! So wrote

    @ Karan: I write what i feel and what comes to my mind!! So i wrote it and not to increase my post count or get to the top of blogroll!!!

    @ Skp: I felt like it.. so wrote it… what will u say if we add a cig in the hand to this setting!!!!

    @ Spawn: Ignorance is bliss in itself!!! Ignore evry trouble and you will be blisful!! 😛

  4. You are the only one in the whole cellar … ultimate silence nobody online to piss u off . And u are happily resting on your chair … this is eternal bliss … Had experinced this during December hols when everyone was gone !!! Silence is the ultimate nobody can beat it

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