3310– > ????

This is the story of the cells i have had till now….

I started off with lowly 3310 in my drop year in Kota.. the most basic hand set you could get


Then came a bit adanced 3315 which i got from my dad ( he bought a 6600 😛 )when i went home in the deepawali holidays of year 2004… that is my drop year


I came to this college with the same 3315 and in the month of Jan 2005 i got my first camera phone that is Sony Ericsson Z520i

Which resembled something like this when i bought it


but now about 1 and half years later it has died… Its motherboard is fucked and it looks like this now…


So finally now i have got a new cell N72 on 24th of July that is today 🙂 … I still can’t believe how my parents agreed to me buying this cell 😛

I couldnt take a pic of the cell and will upload it in some time.. as if you care 😛 but its not black ,its maroonish brownish!!! Lets see how long this coalition continues!! 🙂


Song Of the Day:- Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye from Phir Milenge

PS1:- As you know i got a new cell today

PS2:- After ages i am posting from wordpress account , i always use flock to publish but this post had only images so had to come here

PS3:- CLass at 8:30 pm tomorrow.. Life

PS4:- Life’s going quite well for me these days… Kisi ki nazar na lage!!!

PS5:- If somebody knows about some Girls Hostel type thing in Begumpet then please let me know… My sister will be coming to Hyderabad in Sept and i am supposed to help her find someplace to live… So much they expect of me!!!

PS6:- My Project :O There seem to be no boundaries… the more we think of it..the more things get involved. Should appreciate wordseye people they have such fast system though their rendering is faulty.

PS7:- If you clicked on the last link, try this sentence “Lion is standing inside a cage” 😛

PS8:- People of our school are getting committed, today saw the profile of a senior and noticed that he is committed :O

PS9:- IIIT DF is rocking…ultimate place for fultoo BC..Ppl join it

PS10:- Next post Research @ IIIT…..


10 thoughts on “3310– > ????

  1. Some day all the 33[1/0]0 will vanish from this planet and I will be the last man standing with a 33[1/0]0. And guess what thats gonna turn me into a millionaire. Why? I will put it for auction in e-bay starting price tag of 1 million INR. The Ancient Museum of Cell phones would love bidding at it. 😛

  2. There are a few things i would like to say man
    1) A good collection of cellphone pics man
    2) U are lucky in few manners to have tried so many cellphones
    3) AB naya cellphone kharidna hi tha to u shud have a brought
    a real cool one like an Iphone man not Nokia again…

  3. @ Karan : i wud sure suggest my sis the one near Francis…. I also will have to go n meet her…

    @Maruti: Coz i dont have money

    @Prateek: My ex-roomie amruti has still got the same phone..

    @ Mythalez: why so??? nobody has written anything…and i wantd to write sumthings i felt

    @ Bhanu: Ya i am quite lucky… and abt buying iphone
    1) Its not available in India
    2) N72 is quite good cell…
    3) I dont have enough money to buy something in the range of iPhone…. If i had i would hav gone for N95

  4. @Himank Dude some of my friends have ordered iPhone from Foreign Countries
    @Prateek hey nice idea boss we will both become billionares

  5. Dude as far as i knw there are netwrk issues and iPhone wont run on any network in US AT&T is providing the netwrk(Source: Shrikant) are you sure it woudl wrk as it is in India????

  6. Apparently, some black market dealers in Mumbai (who are selling the phone for 27K) have managed to break the code.. it now works for all networks

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