Time is flying past like a gale
You are standing still and quite
Each day seems to bring new hope and life
In the end, it also passes with no events

Big hopes rest on the plans for future
As the day passes they are again pinned for some day later
Promises are turned down,hearts are broken
Hard tasks give leavage to petty amusements

Days morph into weeks and then into years
Time passes by waiting for none
All the things around you change
You become old and the youth flows to others

One day the realisation dawns upon you
When you’re sixty four sitting in your lawn all alone
You realise that you should have gone after your dreams
It becomes a phase to relent for the wonderful years gone by

Song of the Day – Nam Ada Likhna from Movie Yahaan

PS1:- Assignments started again.. BAck to IIIT life
PS2:- Blogging activity seems tohave died down amonst IIIT bloggers
PS3:- My blogging frequency has also diminished a lot
PS4:- My throat hoarse after the hooting in Mr n Ms Freshers Prelims round
PS5:- Actually my 4th poem but 3rd to be published
PS6:- The line ” When you’re sixty four sitting in your lawn all alone” inspired by When I’m Sixty-Four by Beatles

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13 thoughts on “Senescence

  1. Hi Himank, itz Sushant Trivedi here. u mentioned abt a Sushant Trivedi. I m just crazy fr music, n EAT, SLEEP N DRINK IT. It may b me jo tumne mention kiya hai!!!!!!
    I m frm INDORE, do i know u??

  2. A very realistic poem i liked the inner meaning a lot it has a lot of significance for everyone of us yaar well written i simply love poems..
    Continue Blogging…..

  3. @ Maruti : Hmm….

    @ Kunal, Karan: Sometimes have to display these type of emotions too

    @ Mythalez : For that i will have to write another song

    @ Chand, Manish, Vipul : Shukriya 😀 dont worry the shayari post will be there soon

    @ Sushant: Actually you are not the one i mentioned, that frnd of mine is in Banaras, will try writing lyrics for songs some other day

    @ Nipun, Deepti : Thanx

    @ Bhanu: Thanx man and about continuing bloggin, you can rest assured… 🙂

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