Lucky Ali

I searched far and long and tried many type of music and many singers but somehow the comfort and pleasure which i have in the company of the songs of this artist named “Lucky Ali” can never be duplicated.
I was introduced to the music of this soul strummer through the songs of the movie Sur and since the association has never dwindled. I have been and will always be a fan of Lucky Ali. I always say that Sachin is the God of Cricket and if there is one person whom i would place as his equal to in music, it is without any shade of doubt Lucky Ali.
You can feel the harmony in his music. His music always touches a chord in your heart be it the light mood mausam, love songs like O sanam, Dark songs like Mehboob. One thing which i jut adore about him is that his songs have a variety of emotions. His repertoire consists a variety of songs.
Somehow i have always heard the complaint by people that all his songs sound the same while i on the contrary feel that he has quite a lot variety in his music listing, more than most of the Indian Artists we have. One reason for this which i can think of is people dont listen to most of his songs but have heard only the most famous ones or the movie songs while his best songs are the not so popular ones… According to me his movie songs listening to which people like his music stand nowhere in comparison to his albums.
One truly awesome quality of his songs is that many of his songs can lift up your mood whenever you are down, i for my part turn to his music whenevr i am down and out. One of his song Mausam has a strange quality (atleast seems to me), it seems a very cheerful and happy song whenever you are in light mood but it becomes a saddish (if i can use the term) when you are down, which i have experienced.
His first album Sunoh must have been a huge hit, i dont know much about then coz it came in 1996 when i was just 9 but the album stayed 60 weeks on MTV Asia charts, which is quite an achievement 😛 as far as i think. He had this habit of releasing albums every two years with Sunoh in ’96, Sifar in ’98, Aks in 2000, Gori Teri Aankhein in 2002 and Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai in 2004 but the year 2006 went on without any album of his.. 😦 and i just kept waiting. Its 3 years since his last album and i hope he releases something soon.. 🙂
I would suggest any music enthusiast to listen to his music, specially the Album Aks…. which by me is the best of the lot..
If any Lucky Ali fan reads this and you want any song of his, just tell me and i will be more than happy to send you any song of him if you want and I on my part want the song “Aap Par Arz hai ” from the album “Sunoh”, if you have it then please send it to

One more speciality of the guy is that h writes the lyrics and composes the music of most of his songs besides ofcourse singing them.. He is so multitalented.

Some songs of him i would suggest everybody to listen are
Aap par arz hai
Nahin Rakhta Dil Mein
Ofcourse the popular ones like Dekha Hai Aise bhi, O Sanam…
The list just goes on n on

Song of the day :- Aap par Arz hai from Sunoh.. Miss listening to this beautiful song so much..

PS1:- Mid sems approaching
PS2:- Project meeting on 9th and we havent done an iota of work, somebody please help us out.
PS3:- Weather is changing and i caught cold … Not good 😦
PS4:- Even if its boring read to you (which i hope shouldnt be) then please read in the name of Lucky Ali.

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13 thoughts on “Lucky Ali

  1. Thanx to you , i have listened every song on the list … but i still feel that all the songs are similar 😀 … as far as the cold is concerned get well soon

  2. hey!!
    me too a big fan of luckyali just as u are ..i m havin difficulty in findin his song. it starts like”ek din aisa huya jo ke hoona tha .aya tere jahan mai par mujhe na ana tha”.. n followed by “jeena jeena….”
    do u happen to hav that song or da link to it.. i wud b grateful …..

  3. i have been a fan of lucky ali since 1996 when i first bought sunoh. know all his songs pretty much by heart. agree with just abt everything u have written here.

    by the way gaurav the song is ‘mehboob’ from aks and u wont believe it i was just listening to it when i came across this site. coincidence or what!!!

  4. Hi! Me too a great fan of lucky ali. He is the only one of his kind in the whole world. I am waiting for his another album but god knows when it is going to come 😦

  5. Thanks a lot to all my dearest fans.iam a observer thats why iam a lyricist.very soon there will be an album for you all guys that is “exsuie”.my new website is visit it,but its under construction,you all have to wait for some time.

  6. i fill very proud becoz i m lucky ali fan…,i have been a fan of lucky ali since 1996 when i listen sunoh..then i flat for him guitar corde styles ,,,,and today fill every song of shri lucky ali is very newy for me…( Maruti before ^ say ” still feel that all the songs are similar ” i say to him plz contact your doctor and chek u r ears ) Generally People not listening him for only bed mind information.. so i think lucky ali is Great and forever .my mind & heart

  7. Yep lucky ali is the best…
    My picks..
    O Sanam
    Jabse Mili Tumse
    Kitni Haseen Zindagi hai
    Jane Kya Dhoondta

    Guys, he’s GOD..;-)

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………. i am a grt grt grt fan of lucky ali ………. i didn’t heard all the compositions made ever in d world…….but i knw dat ….his music wud definately goin 2 be 1 of d finest..

  9. guys.. is there any means of contacting him…. ?? i dunno why is he not coming up with any new album???? i mean why… i jus wanna tell him…. jus do anythin …. anythin … … make any album am so sure we all will like it…. i jus wanna meet n tell lucky once… we need to listen to ur voice… may it be anything…. we want somethin to carry on…. and as u said SIfar- u come to the same point in the end where u start from….. we havent yet… there shud be one more sifar …. plz any of u have any means to contact him directly … i wanna know.. my email id is siddhubuddhu@gmail .com..
    jane kya dhoondata hai ye mera dil…. tujhako kya chahie jindagi…… !!!!!!!!!

  10. I was only 7 when Sunoh released and I completely fell in love with Lucky Ali and his voice after watching O Sanam on tv (I believe the girl in the video is his wife, though I’m not sure). What you’ve written about people saying that all his songs seem the same is just so true and it is really annoying because all the songs are just sooo different. I think the music scenario back in the 90s (I miss the 90s!) was way better and the music videos were also amazing. Anyway, my all time favourite Lucky Ali song is Tere mere saath jo hota hai, sabke saath woh hota nahi…

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