Life Mein BC….


For non-IIIT-H ians.. all that is written below happened through a series of mails sent to the intra IIIT-H “Life” Mailing list which has been set up for discussin general student issues…. 😛 and nw you will see what the student issues are… 😀

It all Started with Naga Sitaram raising a valid point about Telugu movies not being screened in the Movie Club saying that in his 1 year stay in IIIT, he hasnt seen any telugu movie being screened in IIIT.

Then pavankumar_g,bhaskar_kakani,gaurav.kharkwal sent mails supporting the motion

Anita,Anusha V,suman_chalana,radhika_b,bhima all agreed with the motion and mails kept flowing

Then Maneesh Upmanyu sent a mail asking people to spare the mailboxes

Padmini was vry excited with the prospect of telugu movie,sandeep_digavalli said that hit telugu movies hould be screened instead of flop movies like Naqaab and all

Then Suryakant Patidar aka Pati sent a mail saying “Yes, I can’t wait ………….
Next mail :
you can understand his frustration but if he did this, then he missed out names of a lot of awesome movies. and such great BC…

Sashidhar chips n frustrated with this mail
“Your passion for telugu movies is undoubtedly admirable. You guys have put your point across in a great way…
But please spare my INBOX……….. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

ganga_t,santosh_puram,Karunakar Paturu also agreed with the concept sending mails to remind us.

Sanket started the bc with the mail titled Untiy in Diversity
—no matter whether it is telgu or hindi—

Rameshsoni asking “Why not Rajasthani,bangali,Gujrati,Tamil,Haryanvi,

satya_vs said “If anyone have to discuss about “Screening Telugu Movie” AND “OBH
Groundfloor Mess” i suggest you to please from now onwards send to” dont know what he intended to say… but ok..

Kiran V Neelisetty also agreed with all of them..

khandelwal said that telugu movies should be screened

Nishant Shobhit wanted Telugu Movie “Bangaram” and Marathi “Gheum Tak

kiranm sent a mail in telugu with line by line eng translation and was very happy to see such a huge response and hoping that this idea will be implemented

Thereafter all hell broke loose and bc started…
Vaibhav Bajpai saying “From last three years i did n’t see any Bhojpuri movie in movie club. I want to see spiderman-3 in bhojpuri.”

Akash Deep wanted the screening of bhojpuri movies “humka hau chahi” and superhit “ganga”

khandelwal says “Now bhojpuri movie also becoming by not bhojpuri.” Now this is mc++(mail count++) like PC++

Sankalp wanted to see a marathi and a gujarati movie..
“1. marathi: andharya raatri diva tujhya hatat
(which was remade in hindi as “andheri raat mein, diya tere haath mein”).
2. gujarati: tamaara maatey mhaari jaan
but before all this, i want ground breaking acts by Prabhuji, Loha and
Gunda to be screened.”

Maneesh Upmanyu warned people to stop this or they will be banned from life mailing list

But Saurav Khurana our batch topper sent a mail requesting for harayanvi movies
1. kuaara baap….
2. meri kaan mai jua…
3. teri baal mai kua…
4. Lado ki maa (part 2)

Badrinath also wanted to see the greatest-est movie Shivaji and some B-Grade Turkish Movies deceptively titled “Emret komutanim : Sah mat” and “Emret komutanim”.

By then a guy named Himank Sharma got quite bored with this action goig on and he nt being involved so he sent a mail asking the greatest Hindi Movie “Chhamiya” which has got awesome dialogues to be screened…. You hav to be a guy in IIIT to knw the special dialogues of the movie

Then Ankur Khare wantd “to see monica bellucci in action, screen Italian movies! 😀 ”

Abheet Bharti wanted Punjabi Movies too..
1. badla jatti da
2. jatt di pasand
3. kudi punjaban

After all, if everyone is coming to party, why should punjabees be left

John said “idhi voora keka!!!” Dunno what it means.. Someone comment on the post telling what it means

Rahul Chauhan
wanted the “screening of top most regional film “Dhakad Chhora” which
made a collection of 2 crores :).”

Finally Nishant Shobhit(Moderator of Life Mailing List) put his foot down saying
“Thats enough folks!
The DNS is down and emergency traffic moderation cannot be enabled right now.
Spammers will be banned permanently from the list.”

Even after that Ankur Jaiswal(ankur_j) wanted to see “teri lungi mera ghaghra” or “sasura bada paisawala”

After this Shrikant also sent a mail which was moderated in which he wanted to see the following Pappu series movies
1. Nappy mein Pappu
2. Pappu bana Champu
3. Pappu aur Chacha Chaudhary
4. Pappu wants Punjabi Cats( u knw the odr wrd)
5. Ye pappu pappu kya hai

After this final mail from Nishant Shobhit
All traffic moderated.
ankur_j banned.”

Finally the saga ended with a total of 48 mails in a little over 2 hours…

This was a most pleasurable experience and i will say Life mailing list roxxxx… This goes to show that how we IIIT-Hians do BC… Mail pe BC.. Gtalk pe BC (status messages).. BC hi BC..

Song of the Day-: Milegi Milegi from Sunoh by Lucky Ali

PS1:- Hon. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam coming to IIIT-H on 15th August and he will also be joining IIIT-H as distinguished faculty
PS2:- Mid sems approaching…
PS3:- Planning to see Chak De India today… lets see if it works out
PS4:- Watched Evan Almighty Yest.. okayish movie
PS6:- I almost alwyas write 5 PSes
PS7:- Today i will write more for sure….
PS8:- Weather is so good and burds are chirping somewhere near my room
PS9:- Waiting for 19th or 20th Sept when my sis(my mom n dad too but they will be going back) will be coming here. 😀
PS10:- There is so much scope for BC(not only online) in OBH. OBH roxx..
PS11:- Finally i got into double digits
PS12:- Bas bahut ho gaya
PS13:- Now this is it.. my birth date.. 😛

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13 thoughts on “Life Mein BC….

  1. 1. Ankur j never got blocked … (Nishant was just threating )

    2. The life moderator himself started this BC (the
    telugu n marathi movies he suggested never existed)

    3. My suggestions also got blocked.

    n finally. yah!! OBH does rock .. !!

  2. And Himak_sharma wrote a blog post dedicated to it.
    Aniket sharma wrote a comment on it.
    You’re redaing the comment ….

    Heights of joblessness!!! kya bc hai …

  3. my mail was blockd by the moderator…dunno how you manage to read tht 😉
    newazz good effort…
    nd yhh, your mail was d icing 😀

  4. Awesome post…brings back old memories !!! 🙂

    Is movie club active? An year ago, it was hard to bring 40 ppl to a screening (DC++ effects)

    AFAIR, the “life” mailing list was started when people wanted to do away with the spam on the “students” id. The whole idea was that all bakar should be uncontrolled and unmoderated

    Its not a bad idea to screen lesser movies. My current school is contemplating two clubs. The more stylish “Cinema Paradiso” screens movies like Blow, In the Name of the Father etc. The rustic “Sinema Paradesia” is about “Loha, Gunda and Blojpuri flicks”.

  5. @ Ankit : He succeeded with the warning… Why dont u post ur suggestions here…so that we can read them now atleast…

    @ Karan : He he he…. Thanx… 😀

    @ Aniket : 3 Cheers to joblessness… 😛

    @ Abheet: Ur mail was nt blocked… all of us recievd it…Nevr knew u too read blogs…
    As to that mail.. thanx.. 🙂

    @ Maruti : You can count on me!!! Nw u n ankit decide whether the mvie is real or not and whether Nishant has spammed or not…..

    @ Nipun : Movie club is quite active… Movies which are to be shown in the club are nt kept on DC so ppl com to watch them… There ws quite a crowd in screening of 300 (didnt see it here….coz saw it in theatre) i was told that people were sitting on ground after chairs werre occupied and even on the space by the windows..
    Abt the bakar being uncontrolled actually it shudnt have been controlled according to me… ppl were enjoying the show… but who am i to say….moderators 👿

  6. “idhi voora keka” s ntactically means “this is ultimate” but semantically it mixes slang of 2 areas of andhraprades…. *wth i just started compilers now*
    ….btw good post …..

  7. great post dude.. this is simply hilarious 😀 .. plz do keep us updated on your blog on such incidents 🙂 reminds me of gud ol’ alma mater ..

  8. @ Sandeep : Kasi…. Compilers… 😀

    @ Beegle : Rest assured about that… After all i am nt the most dedicated blogger of our batch for nothing

    @ Sreejith : He he… 😀

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