Unfettered Love

Once we were so close together
It seemed like she would be with me for eternity
It was as if she was made just for me and me for her
She was the world for me, the source of my happiness

But the fateful day came and she departed from my life
The last meeting with her on that fateful evening
Tears flowing down the cheek of sky masked my tears
The same rain looked on her face as tears

She went to a place far far away from me
The distances all snatched her away from me
I was left there to brood all alone
While she found the love of her life in the place new

She found in him a support I never could give
She found him a man, i could never be
She was done in by the charm of that stud
While I stood her trying to gather the shattered pieces of my life

The gale in my life turned into a storm
Sunshine of my life marred by ugly clouds
The tree of my life uprooted by the storm blowing
I can only see the gibbet of despair in front of my eye

I am still trying to find that beacon of hope
Waiting for the love of my life to be mine again
As they say, set your love free to make it yours again
Living in the hope that the bird of my life will return to the house of my heart

Song of the Day:- Ek Hockey Dungi rakh ke from CHak De India

PS1:- Wrote 5 PSes but they got deleted nw nt in a mood to write any PS
PS2:- Btw had 7-8 cups of coffee from the coffee vending machine in OBH as chand’s coin got stuck… Some people had even brought thermos but then we told the guard and the machine was switched off..

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5 thoughts on “Unfettered Love

  1. Dude even i have been through such situations man [:D] but one thing i must tell you in love you must consider urself as the frontrunner for the girl always pata nahin lakdki kab confidence pe hi pad jaaye so dont loose hope on that so called ‘GAL’ and try with new enthu………..

    PS that song is really nice never thought SRK could also sing along so well

  2. @ Abbulu: Next time i will try…

    @ Bhanu: There is no such girl in my life… It is just a hypothetical situation.. 😛

    @ Deepti: Thanx… People also brought steel glasses from their rooms whenthe glasses near the machine got over..

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