Mr. Kalam at IIIT-H

The day that we at IIIT-H had been waiting for quite some time finally came. It was announced some time back that Mr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam will be joining IIIT-H as distinguished faculty and will be coming to our college on 15th August. With excitement we were waiting for the arrival of the dignitary.
Earlier it was scheduled that he will be coming after our cultural program ends but a few moments after it started, there was an announcement by the anchor Karan that Mr Kalam is going to arrive sooner than expected. And there he was, X-President of India Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, first glance of him from near and for some reason he looked plastic to me, nt a human.. I dunno he ws so strange looking… i cant point out what but it ws strange.
The moment he set his foot in the tent and came near the group of us students sitting there, who all stood up to see him (we were lucky in that respect that we were on the left most side from where he came), he was just enignmatic and charming. Standing to pose in front of someone who was clicking a photo. Waiting to talk to a few people (regretfully only girls 😦 ). Then he gve his lectures after the cultural program. Which is nt much to write about.
Here are a few photographs of today…

Mr. Kalam up close…

Up CLos

Mr Kalam’s Autograph which i got…


Song of the day :- Highland by Yanni

PS1:- Yanni is so soothing.. Feel as if i shud just keep listening to the music..
PS2:- Highest attendance in any event in IIIT-H except afew cult ones like Freshers,Felicity and all
PS3:- My toungue screwed coz of the 7-8 cups of coffee i had.. 😦 It sux… Lalach buri bala 😦
PS4:- Mid sems from tom… though i dont have any paper tom..
PS5:- I just have 3 papers.. 🙂 Kool ain’t it???


4 thoughts on “Mr. Kalam at IIIT-H

  1. U hv a few more pics???

    I looked up for Ptolemys Gate in the library, dint find it though.. And I donno.. the descriptions and intros given in the first book are too good to be missed.

    And yah, plagarism.. who cares.. Id want to read the original book also, in case I get it.

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