7 Most Frustrating things

I decided to come up with the list of things which are most frustrating to me… You are invited to add yours too..

1. You have an urge to sneeze but for some bloody reason the sneeze doesnt come and you are left begging to God for a bloody sneeze.
2. You have a tune in your mind which has been buzzing up there but you can neither guess it nor hum it to tell anybody.
3. Mosquito humming in your ears when you are trying to sleep early coz you have an exam next day and you already got late playing Age.
4. Some bloody asshole deciding to ask a question in a class just when the prof was about to leave.
5. Guy in the room beside you playing punjabi or rock music in full blast while you are trying to have a good day’s sleep. 😛
6. Watching Sachin score runs fucking slow,looking just a shadow of his enigmatic self.
7. Dying to talk to some friend of yours and the guy/gal deciding against turning out online on that particular day.

Edit:- 8. You have ulcers in your mouth and you can’t bloody eat anything…. and mess serves Aloo 65… One of your fav things served in the mess…

9. Being a CVITian.. 😛 (No offence meant to CVITians not from our batch) CVITians from our batch look like they have been given a punishment to be in CVIT…

Song of the Day:- Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry & Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd(Had to write both)

PS1:- Why 7??? Coz its a powerful number in Harry Potter series and coz i couldnt think of more
PS2:- My tongue killing me, have ulcers(i guess chhale are called the same) on my tongue
PS3:- Two papers over, one more to go.
PS4:- Exams have been less painful this time,2 exams in a duration of 4 hours upto 12:30 today and the next us last paper tom at 6:30 pm

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13 thoughts on “7 Most Frustrating things

  1. Hmm.. I wud have had a totally different list. I have a list of many more frustrating things.
    PS: Don’t u remember who was that bloody asshole in the fourth sem during AI classes 😛

  2. If u had written this post a sem b4 i wud say being ur roompartner is the most frustating thing of em all .

    And please reply to karans PS. 😛

  3. “4. Some bloody asshole deciding to ask a question in a class just when the prof was about to leave.”

    so true dude! seriously! 😀

  4. “When u r trying to talk to some one desperately and he/she is ignoring u or somewht that he/she is not in a mood to talk”
    waise yaar ur collection is also good specially the first 5 🙂
    ur ps1 was a nice phatta 😛

  5. @ Karan: That asshole u r talking abt… never asked a question at the end of the class… And if i did.. I went personally n asked…

    @ Maruti: I wud also have said the same… 😛

    @ Aniket: Seriously man.. Many hav them..PK,pagare,mathur… Mine are almost healed now thnx to SMYLE

    @ ORB: 🙂

    @ Abbulu: Yup and if you had a crush on her earlier and she has also fallen for you now 😛

    @ Vipul: Nice one u have added.. ANd abt the fatta.. Company does wonders…

    @ Prateek: 🙂 Ya one of the more frustrating things.. How could i of all ppl miss this out… Sleeping my Love…

  6. I have to say that probably the most frustrating thing EVER is trying to screw in the cable cord to the back of the tv! They put platic all around it so it’s like only your finger tips can fit and you try to turn it, but it’s so hard to hold onto that a simple thing like that turns into a 30 min task which leaves you wanting to throw the damn thing out the window.

  7. My most frustrating thing is having bought a motor bike off a family member for way to much. Spending almost double its worth in keeping it running then they day someone is coming to buy it. It wont fucking start.

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