Strolling through the park
I see those cute little faces
Playing their own games
Having the time of their lives
Tensions a far cry for them

The power they posses is greater than any
A cute child can make you smile
With their inquisitive eyes
They look upto you
Questions  myriad filling their minds

Looking at them i remember the days gone by
Those days of fun and frolic
The period of tension free life
Walking with a spring in step
Dreams of flying so high

Of the spirit not perturbed by expectations
Not a care about the future life
Confidence to fall upon others when troubled
Strength of the family so close behind you
Comforting hand of your father and the warm heart of your mother

Now a grown up, you walk all alone
Living life the way you want to
Taking decisions for you and people around you
Shouldering the responsibility of everything you fuck up
The life in a new form, the life a bit matured

Difficulties ease into life
Crisis become a feather on your hat
Thats how you have to live as adults
Looking at the toddlers and flashing a smile at them
Letting them think the world is still a good place to live in

While you live your life
Fighting for everything you need in your life
Trying to make the world a different place
For you,for me,for generations to come
Life for the unborn, relation for the unwed

Was in some sort of daze while writing the last portion specially the last paragraph was feeling as if i am in some other world was writing whatever was coming to my mind… just going with my heart.. So might not make that much sense..

Song of the Day -: Maybellene by Chuck Berry
PS1:- My blog turning into my poem diary these days 😛
PS2:- My mouth ulcers finally healed
PS3:- Mid sems came and went as always, nothing eventful
PS4:- Life is so dull n boring these days
PS5:- Chuck Berry roxx.. Awesome lyrics..

“He never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play a guitar just like he ‘s ringing a bell”
Just listen to the song Johnny B Goode… to feel rock n roll..

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10 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. A well framed one dude its very true and infact i have even read it in a few books that children posses more energy than us and it fades of as we keep up growing up due to external influences childhood moments are true times to cherish forever….

  2. @ Maruti : you already behave kiddish.. 😛

    @ Bhanu : Seriously man… 😦

    @ Namrata: Thanx.. I had to convey the meaning so it became lengthy.. I was thinking of chopping the 4th paragraph but then decided against it…

    @ Prateek : Thanx i am always good in no of posts. Whats this \m/

    @ Kunal : Thanx.. The photo’s courtesy wordpress guys.. 😛

    @ Deepti : Thanx da.. 8)

    @ Karan : Aapke views sar aankhon pe.. But as i told you, i sent this to my cousin sis (who is an awesom poet) and she said its kool.. so i posted…

    @ Sreejith : Thanx… 🙂

  3. kewl poem or whatever it was [@maro 😛 ] ……….. while reading I was back to my childhood ……“Confidence to fall upon others when troubled”…… feeling the caress of mothers hand ……….. wish this poem was even longer.

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