Of NLP and Rockford

A summer project and one and half months into LTRC and being inducted into LTRC family(as my frnds say) and being kicked out(not given Summer Internship Money 😦 ). I just can’t help but be amazed at the amazing capability of human brain to parse the natural language. The incident which made me think about this thing was a statement made by my friend to another
” Abe newspaper de dena yaar, pavitra karne hain :P”
I hope you must have understood what the guy was talking about.. If you havent then keep reading later and you will get enough hints about the act committed by most (almost all) guys. The real thing was that without any background statement or anything of that kind,the other person completely understood what the guy was saying. I have seen some projects and papers and so many algorithms and methods have been tried and people keep trying and even then if they can get accuracy levels in range of 70% then its great and for that, i am sure they wont be considering such phrases which can be sort of Idioms but not famous at all, just framed at the moment. You can’t do anything but be amazed at the ingenuity of the supreme, the creator.

Now to Rockford, a movie about which i have heard so much and whose songs i have heard so many times that i have been dying for years to watch the movie and finally i watched the movie. Any mention of the movie without the song YAARON by K.K. is just incomplete. If “Smells like Teen Spirit” is the youth anthem in English then for sure “Yaaron” is the youth anthem for Indians in Hindi. K.K. will be immotalised for the song atleast for our generation people. Now coming to the movie, i was really impressed by the an Indian movie freely talking abt shagging and all. It is such a common place activity among guys(dunno abt gals… :P) but no teen movie ever talks abt it. We can talk about sex,but shagging is a big no no always. All in all a good movie, worth watching for one and all, though i think that they could have done better with casting some other girl as the love interest of the protagonist. One more thing was, I was thinking Nandita Das would have some rule but she just walks 2 times wishing good morning to the guys… What the crap…. But the picture sure reminds of the good old school days.

PS1:- Dil full pet houseful… Went to a buffet for b’day party of a few guys and once again i trumped Pk n Chand in eating more… hail me!! 😀
PS2:- For the uninformed, they are the heaviest eaters in mess and canteen and i eat measly 2 rottis and some rice in the canteen
PS3:- Go through this link and i will change my blog name if you didnt ROFL.
PS4:- Two Profs on leave, last 2 days => Chhutti for 2 days and with weekend coming, this week has been nothin short of fun
PS5:- Finally started using my keyboard again for the first time since coming to OBH,that is 1 and half month now.
PS6:- I hope you got what “he” meant by pavitra karna… 😛 I talked abt it a lot
PS7:- Listening to AC/DC for the first time today.
PS8:- Watched a movie after ages yesterday.. I always think of watching movies but end up not watching them and not doing anything at all.

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11 thoughts on “Of NLP and Rockford

  1. ahem ahem …. nice post …. I know how it feels to be kicked out from the NLP family ….
    abe mera usdin kaat diya tha … I had a heavy lunch .. but neways u beat us hands down 🙂

    Shagging: the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman.

    bhai boys mein shagging itni bhi common nahin hai 😉
    lekin mein bhavnaon ko samajh gaya ….

  2. shagging talk in a public domain :O …bad verry bad !!! 😛

    Anyway statistics in wiki say , 90% of all men (must be more) and 55% of all women (should have been more ?? ) do it before they reach 16

  3. i suppose the word for the counterparts is fingering.

    The link is hilarious.

    Don’t you think you should’ve considered an apt title considering the gist of the post 😛


  4. @ Maroo: You should do it man…

    @ Sandeep: But its the amongst the best Indian teen Movies..

    @ Chand: Bhavnanon ko samajh na yaar…

    @ Mad Monkey: He he he… 😛 Waise the stats are quite good… 8)

    @ Pramodh: Hey girls also read this blog… Your language will not be musc to their ears.. 😛
    N abt the title.. I wanted to wrte about NLP n Rockford just that people cared much about the other thing.. never intended it to be the main dscussion point

    @ Abbulugadu: Nice one.. i shud say….

    @ Maruti : 😛

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