Quote of the day:- Don’t think of building a stairway to moon, you wont have anything for it to rest.

Tears flow down my cheek
My throat is clogged with emotions
I cant stay normal even if i try to be
All these emotions getting on me

Not lamenting on something unfortunate
Just grateful to the God
The wonderful gifts he bestowed upon me
Life of luxury i am entitled to

Looking at others grieving
On their losses irreparable
Makes me smile at my life
Distanced i might be from my loved ones

Still with me they are always
They are in this world
Looking after me and smiling at my achievements
A source of strength for my future endeavors

While i am here to live
With, the ones i love
They are left reminiscing of the golden past
Trying to get some shine in the murky present

Thanking God for all the years of joy
I have had all my life
Praying to the almighty up above there
To provide strength to the deceased
Strengthen the shoulders of the pallbearers….

Dedicated to families of Hyderabad Blast victims and to my cousin sister who must have spent the first rakhi without the arm of her real brother to tie a rakhi..

Song of the day:- Bad Bad Girls from Chak De.. India

PS1:- Slept at 12:40 yest, woke up at 6:15 am today and went to PT whoa.. What a day!!
PS2:- Another Rakshabandhan without my sister and the irony is she could have been here if those bloody Satyam people would have started the training a month ago.
PS3:- Finally got a IM from somebody who was angry with me for quite some time
PS4:- Its raining cats and dogs outside, dont think there will be PT tomorrow
PS5:- Somebody save me from the constant barrage of blank mails from UG1 guys on life and that too even after me and maroo shooting off mails to them.
PS6:- Eating an apple after long time.. Thanx Maruti.. 😛 Now you guys know whom to bug for an apple… 😛
PS7:- Life’s so boring and no progress with my project
PS8:- Planning to watch Boot Polish today.
PS9:- Will be my 2nd B/W movie (hopefully) in recent time after “His Girl Friday”
PS10:- Finally 10 PSes

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7 thoughts on “Tears

  1. nice poem man .. criusly … but is this a poem ??? looks more like a para .. 😀 …

    @everyone … that was the last apple guys , try next week 😀

  2. I disagree, Bhanu.
    For a poem, IDEA is the most important thing. Clarity in expressions and flow of the language are also essential.
    Rhyme… better of you have it, I think. But that’s it.

  3. @Aniket yaar i have been into writing poems since a long time for now and have been a victim of many kinds of critics and the gist of what they said could be formulated like this Idea is the soul of a poem and rhythm and words is the body

    PS Speaking practically body is incomplete without soul and vice versa

  4. @ bhanu
    of course the poem needs to have a rhythm. A poem would not be a poem without it. That’s what I meant by ‘flow’.
    In your first comment, you used the word ‘rhyme’. The necessity of ‘rhyme’ is something i disagree with, and not of the ‘rhythm’.

  5. @Aniket in poetic terminology things like ‘flow’,’rhythm’ and ‘rhyming’ all these are the same as all contribute in making the words framable in that context anyways every poet has his own ideologies…..

    PS terms are word flow,stanzatic rhythm,line to line word rhythm 😀

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