Let me wander off into dreamland
Into the realms of wonder and plenty
With no footprints before me on time’s sand
A place with things to explore aplenty

Cool gale always blowing across my face
A calm and blue cloud cover saving me from sun’s wrath
Life always moving at a sluggish and comfortable pace
Seas churning out valuables along with their froth

A land where I live with the ones I love
With bridges built over the streams of misery
Blessing consistently being showered from above
Love abound in the hearts of people, no treachery

A land reminiscent of Gonzalo’s commonwealth
A place with the ideas of Utopia as its soul
Such a place where mercy is the real wealth
People always thinking of society as a whole

Wish to see my dreams realised
A land be built with happiness all around
All we need is the good in us to be arised
And just let our spirits run sans bound

Song of the Day:- Achha Ji Main Hari from some B/W movie featuring Dev Anand n Madhubala

PS1:- Sachin misses another ton.. 😦
PS2:- Another top innings from Sachin… 🙂
PS3:- News of Sachin taking retirements were rumours… 😀
PS4:- For the first time, i think reading Shakespeare came to my use, the line about Gonzalo’s Commonwealth refers to his play Tempest and the line about mercy came to my mind remembering Portia’s speech from Merchant Of Venice
PS5:- Thought of writing about Teachers’ Day celebration but not in moood to write much.. so postponing it.
PS6:- Today’s was a Hot FSIS..as i have heard.. rue missing it..
PS7:- NLP projects to be allotted in a few days.. Workload ever increasing.
PS8:- Have to make my PS count 10… so doing BC
PS9:- These days every alternate post of mine is a poem.. Tell me when you get bored and I will stop publishing them when I get bored 😛
PS10:- Its already quite cold at 5:30 in the morning, had to wear a full t-shirt today before venturing out of hostel.

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3 thoughts on “Dreamland

  1. excellent poem……..good choice of words and beautiful way of expressing your feelings…Keep it up…nd yes sachin rocked…..hope he continues this in the final…

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