The advertisements being broadcasted on the Idiot Box these days make you bang your head on the TV until you become senseless enough to appreciate those stupid ads or until the ad disappears from the screen, which makes me wonder what happened to all the creative ad film makers which used to give us so many good ads in the past which have just disappeared. So i sat to compile the list of a few of my favourite ads which were ever telecasted on TV.

This list is by no means exhaustive because first of all this is a list of an individual and second, this is a list of a person, who had a night out today morning and then attended a few classes and then slept from 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm, so you can understand that my mental state is not the best now.. but i will try.

1) Fevicol Series :- There have been many ads in the series and each an example of innovation which has been rarely surpassed by others in the ad industry.

2) Dairy Milk :- The ad bein aired these days featuring Amitabh Bachhan looks shit to me but there have been good ads by Dairy Milk in the past, one of which featured a catchy song which ran in background whose wordings were ” Main Khush hun aaj khamakhaw…”
But the ad which i like the most is one in which a girl came dancing on the ground in a cricket match.. It is just a memory in my mind

3) Raymond :- There have been 3 ads by these guys which i can remember to be good.. Last spot i would keep the ad which featured quite a few cute pups along with a man dressed in Raymonds sutings. The remaining two ads which were a sequence, one featuring a class bidding a final goodbye to a teacher who taught them and the second part which came many years after the first one and which showed a few seconds of the first one in flashback,shws those young children all grown up and become “Complete Man” themselves, they see their teacher and the warmth shown by them wins you.. 🙂

4) Nescafe :- Even if the ad was not good sometimes the music was there to captivate your heart and your fantasies, such a good song… The only ad song which i can hum any time “Taste that gets you started up..
Taste that gets you going..

5) Bajaj Boxer :- There was the ad of Bajaj Boxer which used to be telecast when the bike was launched for the first time tagging it as ” Unshakeable” which showed a guy going to meet his girlfriend after coming back from a war but reaching her house to find that she is married and has a child now :(… Thats what i can remember of it…

These are the only ones which are coming to my mind right now,so pardon me if i missed out a few good ones and comment telling about the ad, i will include it in the list if i also liked it.. 🙂 I know there are many which i just cant remember at this moment, but what to do, i am a human after all.

Song Of The Day:- There’s A Place by Beatles from Please Please Me
Starting of this song is just something out of this world. 🙂 Listen to the song for my sake if you haven’t…
There is no end to the musical genius of these guys, this is just so good.. 🙂 Wish they were still here, making more music enthralling us even more

PS1:- This post is to aplaud the good ad makers and show a _|_ to the ads being shown these days, for a few of these ads refer here
PS2:- Mid sems finished.. 🙂
PS3:- India fucking won a World Cup.. This month is golden for Indian Sports… First Football(Nehru Cup), then Hockey(Asian Champions) and then this.
PS4:- Rediscovered Stumbling after switching back to Firefox from Flock.. It just rocks
PS5:- BEATLES ROCKKKKK…… coz there is no one song which you can mark as your fav, before this song , i listened to the song Imagine by John Lennon 100 times on stretch and before that Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and there are 7 songs i have played >200 times and 5 >100 times in last 4 mnths since i started listening to them and many with play count >50 … 🙂
PS6:- Back after hibernation.. posting after a gap of 22 days.. maxm for me while living in collg…

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13 thoughts on “Reminscing

  1. there was the Titan jingle, I loved that too…
    and post the video of the Cadbury ad (girl in cricket ground) if you find it somewhere… I remember it was a great ad, but nothing else 🙂

  2. he he u shifted to firefox :D… ultimately .

    There was this Rasna ad when i was a kid and the rasna girl used to say “i luv u rasna ” god … she was my first crush 😛

  3. well, my fav add was Dhaara add …

    where the kid left his house saying no one loves him and then his neighbor bring him back from railway station saying his mom has made jalebi.

    love the expression on his face when he says … jalebi .. !! 🙂

  4. @ Mythalez : Didnt know that… 😛

    @ Kunal : Yup that Titan Jingle was good too… The Dairy Milk ad is on you tube… This is the link

    @ Maruti : You and your crushes… Waise ya the girl was cute.. 🙂

    @ Namrata: Agree with you on Hutch ads… the dog is damn cute.. but shock laga ad… :O Thats a big fatta….

    @ Karan : You and your publicity… 😛 Waise agree with you on shock laga ad..

    @ Santra: What do you want me to say about that ad??? Its vulgar or it is the best ad ever made.. Waise who are you… and why are you using the email id of our dear DEAN…

    @ Ankit: Ya that was also vry good.. and this reminds me one ad i dont know what product it was.. Some food oil where a child runs through gigantic food… escapes being hit by a gigantic puri and jumps using a giant french fry.. Sumthing like that…

  5. doodh doodh doodh doodh……wonderful doodh…… about that one plus the one in which all the kids wear mask of sachin and sing “ye dil mange more” plus the sprite ads as well !!!

  6. i forgot 2 mention there was an ad 4 sm life insurance company where there was a song “Na sar jhuka hai kabhi aur na jhukaenge kabhi” where a child fell on the platform and his grandfather tries to help him but the boy’s father stop his father and let the boy try on his own ……. that was a nice one 🙂

  7. hey even i love to see ur ad’s like “dhoodh dhoodh dhoodh” 1 and even dhaara aid and also hutch ad !and insurance companies ad…………..i would really like to appreciate your raymond ad’s they are really touchy…..!
    even i would like to thank you for doing such wonderful job and making people happy by watching ad’s made by you or by giving them entertainment from their busy life !

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