Had You Been Mine!!

Have become very very lazy these days to write any new post… though have been thinking on few ideas to write but this laziness….

So here’s a poem in the meanwhile, while I write some new post…

The title as you can see in Had You Been Mine

Had you been mine!!
I wouldnt have crossed a thousand seas and hiked a thousand mountains
Just to take your image away from me
And yet to see your face smiling at me,every step of my journey

Had you been mine!!
I would have captured happiness of the world in my fist
The colours of rainbow would have faded before the colours of my dreams
Every mountain of sorrow would have seemd a pebble, I could have kicked aside

Had you been mine!!
I could have incurred the wrath of the world in my stride
A contenment only your love can give in this whole wide world
Feeling of completeness which union with you could have given me

Had you been mine!!
I could have spent my life in the shadow of your love
Life,a barren desert for me, wouldnt have died in search of an oasis
When lost in a sea of sorrows, your smile would have been a beacon of hope for me…

Wish You Had been mine!!!

Song of the day :- Saawariya from Saawariya by Shail Hadaa(whatever be the spelling)
PS1:- Another poem.. and i dont expect many comments on even this one… but had to save my poem somewhere lest it gets lost
PS2:- My parents came to hyderabad and went back too.. 😦
PS3:- My sis is still here and will be for atleast the next 3 months.
PS4:- 3 Projects… 15 days… I am fucking dead.. .:(
PS5:- Some arbit security rules getting imposed in college…. :O
PS6:- Saanwariya title song is nice
PS7:- Otherwise saawariya sound track is ok.. not great
PS8:- Slowly and steadily I am approahing towards 10 PSes
PS9:- If anybody knows how data is stored in mp3 files.. then drop by a comment here or shoot me a mail at himanksharma[at]gmail[dot]com.. Its kinda urgent…
PS10:- This is the 10th PS… Now over..get back to work…
PS11:- If you think this is enough of poems.. I have one more written on a piece of paper..will publish it someday in future when memories of this one have dwindled.
PS12:- Finally I got more than 10 PSes… Quite a feat it is…
PS13:- Now i am thinking of getting upto 15.. Lets see…
PS14:- Tomorrow again India Aus match.. Lets see … Hmmm….
PS15:- Thinking of maintaining a Diary of my poems… so that my blog can be saved from turning into a secod grade poem booklet…

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10 thoughts on “Had You Been Mine!!

  1. nice wrk dude(i already told u) …… keep writing
    Best of luck for after exam results…… [:P]
    ur PSs are really fucking

  2. @ Karan : Thnx.. 🙂

    @ Teja : Thanx man… Didnt know you too read blogs.. 😛 and abt that ques… hmmm.. let it be a secret for now.. 😉

    @ Pankaj: Thanx dude… and you can be assured i will keep posting… no doubts abt that

    @ Vipul : Thanx n ya i need all the best of lucks i can gather for it… 🙂

  3. thanks buddy 🙂 .. Yeah the life is really cool.. Its freezing temperatures in Mid October.. Thats the only thing i have to get used to 🙂 soon… . Hows the sem in iiit ?? hope you too are having fun.. Heard that military games is going on.. Went for the opening ceremony ??

  4. @ Kiran : life in IIIT is cool as ever.. except now.. as exams are coming.. 😛 all else you can know from my posts… 😛 Actually i didnt go to see the opening or closing ceremony coz was out of campus both days..
    Thanx for the comment… Wish i could be one some day.. 😛
    And about that Picassa thing I dont think so.. Its a google product and I dont think google will allow its competitor to display stream from its software..

    @ Shrikant: Kahe bhai aisa kya paap kar diya maine jo u wont read my poem??
    Well about PSes.. Practice of more than 100 posts count for something..

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