Looking for a title.. Suggest One!!

With another sem in IIIT coming to an end, my fifth one i can do with writing a post about it and increase my post count. Many changes came  in my life and this sem, like other sems in my college life has been quite an eventful one. Now i am nearer to the end of my college life than to the beginning of it. These days I look at the first year guy and reminisce about my first year in college, it sure was great, life was somehow better then… though can’t complain much about my life even now.

So here is a list of som new things which happened to me in this sem.. 😛

1. Started writing Poetry and shers – Anyone who has been to my blog even once in recent times will know that i have developed a penchant for poetry, Infact this is all I have gained this sem, Spent almost all my NLP classes in the later part of the sem writing poetry or shers.

2. Honours Proj – Completely fucked my honours project, didnt do even an iota of work, can someone tell me if i can withdraw my project now without getting a grade or atleast tell me the worst grade you have ever heard in an Honours Project coz there must have been people like me earlier also

3. Discovered Beatles – And what a music those guys have made have become a fan of them just love the music… Infact another band, Simon & Garfunkel to from 60s too is awesome,  just strengthens my  belief that 60s was the best decade for music be it English or Hindi, tell me some other artists of 60s.. and ofcourse Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones are also good…and have wrote about Elvis earlier… Tell me more artists from the decade whose music is on DC.

4. Became a 9 pointer – Well this happened in 4th sem but came to know about it in 5th sem.. 🙂 But have no chances to repeat it this sem.. Gonna be fucked this sem..Wish somehow I could touch 8 this sem.

5. Back to my lethargism – If there has been one thing in which I havnt been lethargic it was Blogging, for more than a year I just blogged and blogged and blogged but frequency dipped this sem.. 🙂 Waise even now its more than most of the bloggers, but these days its mainly my poems.

6. Future Plans
– Decided on doing MS, but once I knew thant my Hons Project is fucked, decided to go for MBA but am still undecided dunno when will I be sure, have even joined TIME…. 😛

7. Family – Another very important thing, my sister and I are in the same city now, her job training is being held in Hyderabad and this has been one of the best thing to happen this sem.

8. Had a brush up with Police – Can’t elaborate more but if you hav read my posts in the month of July then you will know… Now this is the maximum hint I can give.. 😛

9. Rocked – Did it once… You will understand better if you try the synonym of the root word… or if you know anything about the circle in That 70s Show 🙂

10. New Cell – Got a new cell N72.. and also shifted to a SINGLE room in OBH… Single finally…

Couldnt find anything better but had to make it 10… so this one.. had written a good point which would have interested many a readers but had to delete coz its public forum after all, so sorry my readers.. 😦 though I am sure it would have interseted many  and would have left all wanting for more..

Song of the Day :- Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel

PS1:- A post after a very very long time
PS2:- Exams from Monday.. I am screwed
PS3:- Feeling sleepy at 10 in the night.. What the hell…. 😦
PS4:- Gotta study now..:(
PS5:- This sem finally coming to an end… Life was pretty cool this sem barring the last few days…
PS6:- The HSSM i took this sem was pretty cool.. 🙂
PS7:- Have only 4 exams this time… but havent studied Networks or Compilers, somebody please teach me…. 😦
PS8:- Since this has been a sem dedicated to poetry and sher so should paste another of my creation… Hope i am not confused about the Urdu meaning and the usage is correct.. Somebody give me hindi-urdu or english-urdu dictionary and the other way too..

रिश्ता कुछ यों की बयान नहीं होता अल्फाजों में
अफसाना बन गई ये दास्तान अनसुलझे जज्बातों की
मझधार में फंस गई कश्ती इस राहगीर की
इस पार से भटकते हुए निकले हम ढूंढ न सके डगर उस पार

Another one 😛 Now dont curse me!!!

आब्लापों से भर गया ज़र्रा-ज़र्रा मेरी किस्मत का
लकीरें ही मिट गयीं नसीब की मेरे हाथों से
बेदाराख्त हो गई शाख भी मेरी उमंगों की
शहादत हो ही गए ख्वाब मेरे अंजाम-ऐ- जंग में

आब्लापा – > Blister

PS9:- Thats it for now.. Bbyee….
PS10:- This is to complete 10 PSes..
PS11: – Firefox sucks when it comes to displaying Hindi.. 😦


3 thoughts on “Looking for a title.. Suggest One!!

  1. Hey .. Nice post.. btw, I would not suggest that you leave you MS plan JUST because of the honors project.. You still have time to make up in the rest of the projects if you really think that you did this one badly.. BTP is much more important and i dont even think that the univ guys look at your honors proj at all.. chill 🙂

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