Non Related Indians (NRI)

One thing in this world which everybody likes to be related to is “Success” and recntly i heard a quite from my friend on the same topic which goes on like this “Nothing changes your opinion of a friend so surely as success – yours or his” and this tendency can always be observed in the case of us Indians.

One thing which has been consistently irritating me is that We always keep considering the NRIs (who are mostly succesful but I am talking about the overtly succesful ones ) as our own people  even though they might not have ever been the least bit bothered about India, its culture and its people their whole life and give them demi God status here in India with all the meida going ga-ga over the person even when the person might not even ever come to know about all the praises being showered on them for they wont care much about Indian Media.

This whole series seems to be quite observable since the meteoric rise(and unfortunately fall) of Kalpana Chawla who atleast can be said Indian because she did all her schooling and college education from India and i guess she must have considered herslef Indian upto some extent but then on there have been many people like this who havent been remotely connected to India but Indian media take them to be our own just because their parents were Indian.

Some time back we had Sunita Williams being hailed as INDIAN just because her father is Indian (even her mother is not an Indian, she is a Sloveninan). Some time back when she came to India it was the first time she had been to our country and even then everybody was just dying to brand her as the daughter of India , a respect which would have been suited some other more deserving Indian woman.

More recently we had Bobby Jindal, once again hailed as a hero for Indians. The guy who has even named his children as Celia, Shaan and Slade, how do you expect such a person to be associated with India and champion the causes beneficial for India in any global forum. He himself says that I love baseball and I am a complete American, i am not sure about the wordings… Even after such utterances why do we have to keep branding him as an Indian residing away from India. I am not sure about this point coz i heard it from some of my friend that the policies he supports are anti-India (i am not sure about this fact and dont care much to look about this).

I cant think of any reason why we the Indians have made the Brand “INDIA” to be so cheap that each and every body is allowed to be a part of this. I just hope that media shouldnt continue with making each and evrybody an Indian. It is a matter of great pride for us Indians to be a part of this 5000 years old country with such a great and rich cultural and mathematical  heritage (any doubts!! I advise you to do the CRAIAT course in our college 😛 )and we accept the country with all its poor people and dirty streets and love it unlike V.S.Naipaul (another one of those NRIs)who goes upto extremes to critcize India. In my opinion we dont need such INDIANS.. if you really are a part of this country then you wouldnt be downgrading it in International Community. India has many good things to be told to the outer world instead of painting an ugly picture in front of the whole world.

Song of the day :- Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne

PS1:- Finally am free, have been working non stop since I came back from home.
PS2:- Hyderabad is a lot cooler this year.. Wonder what happened to global warming or may be it only works in summer 😛
PS3:- Felicity.. It is coming.. 😛
PS4:- Listening to Hilary Duff now, she sounds so similar to Avril at times.
PS5:- Havent got any PSes to write today.. such a sad thing!! 😦 Could reach upto just 5… 😦


10 thoughts on “Non Related Indians (NRI)

  1. Hi,
    Good to see your post!!
    You know I am in London these days. I have been here since last 3 days and going to be here till 8th of Dec. From just the second day of my stay here I am waiting for 8th Dec when I will get to go back to Hyderabad in spite of having quite good accommodation and all other facilities. The thing which you really miss are the relationships. Your world is limited to the people with whom you go to other country. No simple and fresh food, people use frozen food. Things are very expensive.
    Mind you, that I am not criticizing London or any other country, but yes, your place is your place!!
    In other place you can get more money but no Happiness since no Relationships !!
    For official purposes you might need to make small visits to other country but I won’t suggest a permanent stay in other country to any of my friends.

  2. yeh its too cold … tht i caught cold…
    now my sneeze is not in my hold…

    hey … update your blogroll link to my blog … its is linking to the old one…

  3. even I have had this grouse for long… very well written .. last year in the Football World Cup there was a guy in the French team who had Indian origins, and he was made famous…

    call these people “of Indian origin”, not “Indians”

  4. @ Devansh : I can’t comment on the feeling of being out of India, but for sure I can’t imagine being away from the country for long!!

    @ Karan : Don’t tell me this!! How many of those ppl are into Indian culture and all?? Bobby Jindal for sure isn’t and i don’t think sunita williams too must be affected by Indian culture much

    @ Ankit: You are becoming more n more of a bc baaz in ur final year.. try to control ur PJing instincts.. and ya updated ur link

    @ Kunal : Ya now that you have pointed it out.. I do rmr the guy.. Everybody was pinning thier hopes on that guy and some were supporting les blues just coz of him

    @ SKP: Thanx…. 🙂 I have heard almost all the famous rock bands and liked them too but there is something in avril’s voice and lyrics that I still like her 3 years after listening to her
    This sem roxxxx… 🙂 So few subjects n classes.. Doeesnt even feel like we have college going.. and to top it I have taken a proj instead of a course.. so I hav 6 classes a week including 2 HSSM.. 6th sem ROXXX.. 🙂

  5. yah .. there is a major difference between Indians and PIOs (people of Indian origin) ..
    I can see it pretty clearly here among the british born desis (BBCD as I call them) .. and no .. they r much more british than indian .. actually they have a diff culture which is like a fusion thing .. but its certainly cant be called ‘Indian’ as we know it.

  6. I’d say that a person remains close to the place where he was BORN. But his children would not endorse the same place.
    e.g. if you move on to the US, you’ll still stay close to India, but your children will be American. And I think it’s only natural for them to be. Why, what do they know about India? It’s America that they’ve seen all along.
    As far as the attitude of the Indian people towards such people, I think their achievements do not deserve more than a footnote on the last page of the paper.

  7. Yeah, we are quick to claim ownership over achievements. Though I dont think its a case og making brand India cheap, its more a case of naive nationalism and entitlement. Arrey yeh toh apna hi hai syndrome.

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